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Thought I would come in to wish this man a happy 50th birthday.....




with the help of some band members.


Larry picked out a cake:



Adam brought the present:



And Bono is going to give the toast:




Happy Birthday Mr. The Edge!!!!

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By the way, that was a joke. Don't go getting the wrong idea that I have a thing for Adam. I don't. I don't want anything taken the wrong way.   Also, Mango's, wine, cheese, not just any cheese blu

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Good morning everyone.


Happy Birthday The Edge.

Come in, come in and sit down, for you are a part of the family...


Going to listen to all your videos from Airborne Toxic... Mich... where is your original post?

I don't see it any longer.

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Going to see these guys in Atlanta in November for a mere $20.� Pretty pumped about it.� :-)

Helen, here it is.
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Didn't get U2 tour T-shirt?

Buy the 'Claw' stage instead

By Craig Wilson, USA TODAY

Posted 13h 31m ago




One of the world's most iconic stages is looking for a new home. "The Claw," the state-of-the-art centerpiece of U2's just-concluded, record-grossing 360 tour, has been officially retired after 110 concerts in 30 countries.

The price: If you have to ask …

"It's not like buying a can of Coke," quips David James of Panther Management, which is selling the stage seen by more than 7 million U2 fans. (There are, in fact, three identical stages for sale.)

"It really depends on what you want to do with it," James says. "How and where you'll use it makes the price very variable." He did say the price will be "a fraction of what it cost to build it."

Designed by Bono, Willie Williams and Mark Fisher, the massive structure was an industry first, dubbed The Claw for its four clawlike supporting rigs. The in-the-round stage was designed to support up to 185 tons and withstand high winds while sustaining seismic loads. Its cylindrical video screen, which opens to 14,000 square feet, is not included.

"We're looking to repurpose this thing," James says. "It's had an amazing beginning to its life. We're looking to find it a good second home."

Possible uses include everything from a bio-dome/conservation lab to an attraction at a world exposition or the Olympic Games. It can be a permanent or portable structure. As a plaza, it can provide cover for 2,800 people.

James already has received "a number of inquiries" from around the world. He suspects the stages might be bought by a city for a waterfront landmark, become a permanent music venue, or be used for special events.

The folks at Hard Rock International are interested. They collect rock memorabilia, although usually not so large. Think Madonna's tasseled bustier.

"It's a piece we would love to have. Our designers would have a field day working with that," says Jeff Nolan, rock historian/memorabilia guru at Hard Rock. "U2 is an icon, and their memorabilia has an emotional connection with their fans."

Nolan says he could see The Claw being displayed at Hard Rock hotels or casino properties with grounds large enough to house it. So far, the largest piece of memorabilia owned by Hard Rock is the bus used in The Beatles' 1967 film, Magical Mystery Tour. But a 28,287-square-foot stage?

The whole idea is to think big.

"Why should kids have to settle for a scale model?" asks Christopher Byrne, aka The Toy Guy, content director of TimetoPlayMag.com. "Since entertainment-based toys are about reliving an experience and creating new ones through play, this has to be the best stage ever for classic play."

Byrne says his only concern is: Who's going to make the lifesize U2 action figures, and will kids now be whining for a real Transformer?

"Probably not something to worry about," he says. "This is, after all, the ultimate niche product."

Interested buyers can visit panthermanagement.com/theclaw.



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Mac - Rubber Johnny.... way way too creepy for me.... I stopped it at the 2 minute mark..

Maybe we shouldn't have such videos, don't want the authorities to shut us down already. Cheers.


Shut down for what???

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