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[quote name='Camucha wrote:

mich40 wrote:


I know not why I post this..there is no reason other than pure indulgence...it is just a moment...a la la moment.


please just let me have this and no one gets hurt


wink.gif ... the way he was ... 

How old was he here!??!  Are we legally allowed to look at this pic!??! 


Cam, can't believe you dragged it out again! roll.gif

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I thought Zhiv only had eyes for one mango... now I understand... she wants them all! Well no fair. One must share.


Morning ladies. Cuppa for me... anyone else?


Jen - glad we could bring a smile to your face at the end of a work day.


Mich - he's likely 20 or so... the hair is circa Boy or October - wouldn't you say?

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I'll have a cuppa please Helen, I'm feeling a bit chilly todayfrown.gif

It's very overcast and cool here today too.

I have jeans, long sleeves and SOCKS on... socks... in August! Pfft.


Regular tea, luv? Milk and sugar?

What're you up to today, hunny?

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Same here, jeans, jumper(!) and socks! It's not right in August!! 

Milk no sugar please, thanx.  Hobnobs or chocie digestives? Think I may have some jaffa cakes at the back of the cupboard too
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I've been out of work since the end of last November... it was fun for a while... certainly during the tour it made staying up to all hours and playing here easy... but now, September is coming... my youngest will be away to university along with his elder brother - so that's it... two boys out of the house - I can't sit here unemployed needed to find work.

Thankfully was offered a job recently - I begin next week... so I'll be absent from here, until much later in the evenings. I hope all of you will be stepping in for me when you can... keep the place open... and lively... wink.gif

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