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Gene Simmons sucks, gene has fooled the fans for six years


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Peter Criss is Thee Catman, Ace Frehley the SpaceAce it's not spaceman
singer was going to be the hawk...

Guy Dixon
of Globe and Mail reports that KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons will be in Toronto, Ontario, Canada tomorrow (Thursday, March 12) to make a keynote speech at Canadian Music Week, taking a break from recording KISS's first studio album in 10 years. According to Simmons, the band is in no hurry to finish the album any time soon, not when Simmons has so many other pots on the stove, including his newly resurrected record label, Simmons Records.

"I'd like to sign three acts the first year," says Simmons. "I'm looking for the next U2 and LED ZEPPELIN. The only thing that matters is 'Do you have the goods?'" he says, but adds "it's not enough to be [just] a band."

Simmons is getting set for a stadium tour of South America with KISS, before a swing back to Canada for a few gigs in July. Tomorrow, during Simmons's keynote speech at Canadian Music Week, expect a lot more talk about 360-degree marketing, branding and making the impossible possible. As he likes to say, "TV, music, politics, we're all in the same business. You need to use any and every tool possible in this really difficult economic period."

Fu gene it's about being a band
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