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Clawfest - possible U2 360 fan reunion and trbiute band


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For all the 360 withdrawal we're all feeling (some more than others) we need to setup a fan reunion for sometime next year to help fill the gap between this tour and the next one!
What I would like is if we can get setup a reunion and an agreement as to where, when and how many are going.
I also think we need a U2 tribute band to play the songs we've all been desperately waiting for U2 to crank out. We hire em, they play em, simple as :-)
I've already contacted my local U2 tribute band U2 by UV who I saw St Paddy's Day and they were brilliant. If we get say 100 to 150 of us, we can get them for probably about 30 US Dollars a head
I will create a poll lsiting the places and dates.
Right now, Im thinking the places to start off the list would be
1. Las Vegas
2. Miami/Ft Lauderdale
3. The Florida Keys (can you think of anywhere netter?)
4. Dublin
5. 3 or 4 day cruise to the bahamas (200-350 bucks each for cruise, less if more share each cabin)

For time, probably around April or May 2012 would be good.

Please everyone, invite whoever you want to this group and all suggestions are welcome. We don't need anymore little clique controversies as I've seen on various U2 forums and facebook groups in the last few weeks!!All are welcome. EVERYONE!!!
But we will need to get the ball rolling on this within 2 to 3 weeks to get everything sorted. That does not mean all payments up front as I know we're all hurting pretty bad right now ;)
For now, we just need to agree on when and where and what tribute band, the rest can come later. Please help me out and make this a special event for all of us :-)

I have created a facebook group for this : 

Please join the group for those of you on Facebook and pass the link  on to anyone who may be interested. I know some small other gatherings are in the planning stages but lets make this a  monumental reunion with 100-200 hardcore U2 nuts somewhere.  pimp.gif
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13 hours? Well I flew for 33 to make Brisbane last year but that was for the real thing tongue.gif (MIami, LA, Tahiti, Auckland, Brisbane)

I know it's tough for the non USA/Canada based fans but all I can say is that it's looking like Vegas and Las Vegas is an absolute must on anyone's bucket list so why not cross it off your bucket list while attending a fantastic U2 360 tour reunion and brillliant U2 tribute band. pimp.gif
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