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Where are they?!?!?!


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Missing: Four Irish Lads. 

Okay. I know they need time off. They've been rocking the world. I get that. Their families deserve time with them. I know if Bono or Larry was my Dad or something I would get annoyed and want them home too. They need a good vacation. 


What is the point of this site when the boys are never here? I mean, I love you guys. That's why I stay here. But...Do YOU feel the band's presence at all? I sure's hell don't. I get the whole epic world tour thing. But now that they're off, don't you think they could take ten minutes and just check in or write us a little note now and then? eyes.gif 

I'm still kinda new here....what was the site like a few years ago? Did they pop in every now and then...? The same? Because this site really needs an intervention. 
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