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MHO on Achtung Baby´s Sets


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Ok, I just want to get a few things out of my chest... first of all I stopped being a paid subscribers after I was given 2 recycled gifts... Slane Castle and Live from Sydney, the last 2 gifts are a complete pieces of s**t, not worthy of a fanclub gift.


But after reading and analizing this new achtung baby "relaunch" what is the real new material?

6 CDs... Achtung Baby, Zooropa if remastered they are welcomed. The b-sides?, cd singles can still be purchased, purchasing all 5 alone will not cost even $40. Rarities are the only true non official (most U2 fans already have downloaded "Salome 3 CD set) released material.


4 DVDs... 2 are Live From Sydney (already exists a DVD and VHS, and how many U2 fan don´t owe it?) all the videos (remember the best of 1990 and 2000 dvd, and Achtung Baby the videos, again U2 fan owe them), a new documentary? so what´s really new?


Bottom line, is that they are selling recycled material for $200 and $600, when the real value should be less than 100$.


Once again U2 and George Lucas have come together to find a nice way to rip people off... but as long as there are hardcore collectionist, they will continue to sell recycle material for the price of gold!


There should have been another edition... a 3 set, AB, Zooropa and Rareties! (I´m sure b-side will be included on the rareties) I find it very unfair you have to pay almost $200 to get Zooropa. But I guess that is not my decision.

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