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Angry Youth---Mob Attacks Happening In the United States-What is Happening?!!


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This summer, there have been multiple attacks by angry youth in the United States as well, including Illinois, Ohio, Washington DC, Wisconsin, Nevada, Pennsilvania...



CHICAGO—Police here are girding for another weekend of "flash mob" attacks after arresting 29 people in connection with a recent rash of assaults and robberies in and around the city's tony shopping and dining district.

Twelve crimes involving large groups of young men were reported last weekend, in addition to others earlier this spring. The incidents are some of the first major problems confronting newly appointed Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy.

The attacks have received wide attention in Chicago because they have occurred around the city's affluent north side, including near the "Magnificent Mile," a Michigan Avenue strip popular with tourists.

The latest attack occurred early Thursday morning. A spokesman for the Chicago Police Department said the attack involved "multiple" perpetrators near an elevated train platform. Described in the police report as a "strong arm robbery," the group of assailants took the victim's iPad and money and punched him in the face. No arrests have yet been made in that case.

The Chicago Tribune reported the victim was Jesse Andersen, the 35-year-old brother of Smashing Pumpkins front-man Billy Corgan. Mr. Corgan sent out a tweet Thursday morning saying: "My little brother Jesse was attacked and robbed this morning by 3 men. he's ok, but if you want to send him some love."

Mr. Andersen couldn't immediately be reached for comment. The police spokesman said the department cannot confirm the identity of the victim.

In another incident last Saturday evening, Krzysztof Wilkowski, after shopping on Michigan Avenue, was sitting on his scooter a couple of blocks away checking his phone for a restaurant when he got whacked in the face with a baseball.

At first, he said, he thought it was a prank, but then he looked up and saw 15 to 20 young men approaching. "My first reaction was, 'I'm about to get robbed, what do I do?' " Mr. Wilkowski recalled in an interview.

The 34-year-old insurance company employee from a Chicago suburb grabbed the keys from his ignition and held tight to his phone. A few of the attackers dragged him off his scooter and pulled him onto Chicago Avenue where they punched him, hit him with his helmet and tried to grab his phone.

"The way we're attacking this is attack the crimes—not being satisfied locking up one or two of [the suspects], but identifying and arresting the entire group," Mr. McCarthy said in an interview.

Mr. McCarthy, who was chosen to be the city's top cop by new Mayor Rahm Emanuel and confirmed by the city council Wednesday, said more than half of the 29 people arrested were picked up Saturday or Sunday.

Six of the dozen incidents over the weekend were robberies, with five involving the same group of people, Mr. McCarthy said. Ten members of that group have been arrested. Another 19 people, mostly juveniles, have been arrested in connection with the nonviolent crimes comprising the other six incidents. In one incident, a group of 10 people robbed a student on a bus, Mr. McCarthy said.

He said officers are monitoring train stops and other areas where groups might form. He is sending additional police officers to the downtown area and deploying undercover officers. Detectives and the gang unit are also assisting.

Mr. Wilkowski said he was happy with the department's response to the 911 call he placed as soon as his attackers disbanded. He said he suffered a bruise on his face and scratches on his knees, wrist and elbow, but "not a single scratch on my phone."

Mr. Wilkowski said he plans to keep coming downtown and he doesn't necessarily want to see too many police. To fully protect people, he said, "They'd have to have police on each corner like in '1984.'"

Write to Julie Jargon at julie.jargon@wsj.com and Ilan Brat at ilan.brat@wsj.com

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A mob of teenagers swarmed city buses in Chicago in two separate incidents mugging passengers for their cell-phones and iPods.

The city has been experiencing a recent wave of “flash-mob†attacks, where large groups of teens have set upon unsuspecting victims robbing them of cash and personal items.
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Akron police say they aren't ready to call it a hate crime or a gang initiation.

But to Marty Marshall, his wife and two kids, it seems pretty clear.

It came after a family night of celebrating America and freedom with a fireworks show at Firestone Stadium. Marshall, his family and two friends were gathered outside a friend's home in South Akron.

Out of nowhere, the six were attacked by dozens of teenage boys, who shouted ''This is our world'' and ''This is a black world'' as they confronted Marshall and his family.

The Marshalls, who are white, say the crowd of teens who attacked them and two friends June 27 on Girard Street numbered close to 50. The teens were all black.

''This was almost like being a terrorist act,'' Marshall said. ''And we allow this to go on in our neighborhoods?''

They said it started when one teen, without any words or warning, blindsided and assaulted Marshall's friend as he stood outside with the others.

When Marshall, 39, jumped in, he found himself being attacked by the growing group of teens.

His daughter, Rachel, 15, who weighs about 90 pounds, tried to come to his rescue. The teens pushed her to the ground.

His wife, Yvonne, pushed their son, Donald, 14, into bushes to keep him protected.

''My thing is,'' Marshall said, ''I didn't want this, but I was in fear for my wife, my kids and my friends. I felt I had to stay out there to protect them, because those guys were just jumping, swinging fists and everything.

''I'm lucky. They didn't break my ribs or bruise my ribs. I thank God, they concentrated on my thick head because I do have one. They were trying to take my head off my spine, basically.''

After several minutes of punches and kicks, the attack ended and the group ran off. The Marshalls' two adult male friends were not seriously hurt.

''I don't think I thought at that moment when I tried to jump in,'' Rachel Marshall said. ''But when I was laying on the ground, I was just scared.''

Marshall was the most seriously injured. He suffered a concussion and multiple bruises to his head and eye. He said he spent five nights in the critical care unit at Akron General Medical Center.

The construction worker said he now fears for his family's safety, and the thousands of dollars in medical bills he faces without insurance.

''I knew I was going to get beat, but not as bad as I did,'' Marshall said. ''But I did it to protect my family. I didn't have a choice. There was no need for this. We should be all getting along. But to me, it seems to be racist.''

Akron police are investigating. Right now, the case is not being classified as a racial hate crime. There were no other reports of victims assaulted by the group that night.

The department's gang unit is involved in the investigation, police said.

''We don't know if it's a known gang, or just a group of kids,'' police Lt. Rick Edwards said.

The Marshalls say they fear retaliation at home or when they go outside. They are considering arming themselves, but they're concerned about the possible problems that come with guns.

For now, they are hoping police can bring them suspects. They believe they can identify several of the attackers.

''This makes you think about your freedom,'' Marshall said. ''In all reality, where is your freedom when you have this going on?''

Phil Trexler can be reached at 330-996-3717 or ptrexler@thebeaconjournal.com.

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Philadelphia is not alone. Washington D.C., Las Vegas, Chicago, and other big cities have experienced mob attacks by hordes of teenagers in recent months.

Even the Wisconsin State Fair isn't immune to mob attacks, as documented in a Milwaukee Fox TV report, complete with victims' 911 calls.

"They're pounding on all the cars and they opened my car door and hit my friend in the face," one caller reported. "My mom just got attacked by a flash mob and her eye is like bleeding," another told the 911 operator during the Wisconsin attacks.

Some cities dealt with "flash robs"--store robberies that are organized using Twitter and Facebook. In another type of attack, called "knockout king," teens compete to knock out an unsuspecting victim with a single punch.

One of the Chicago attacks occurred Saturday night at Water Tower Place, which is in the center of the business corridor.

"A group beat a young man on the sidewalk there," according to Chicago Sun-Times crime reporter Frank Main.

"There were a series of shoplifting incidents starting around the beginning of the year. There is a mix of retail theft--it was a big issue for the merchants in downtown Chicago--but you had these so-called wilding, gooning, whatever attacks on innocent people who are just on the street," he said.

Main says Chicago's response, including putting police officers on trains to follow groups of unruly young people, has helped reduce the number of attacks. And, like Philadelphia and other cities, Chicago is strongly enforcing its curfew, he said.

"They're monitoring cameras that are all networked downtown ... to look for problems, and there's been kind of a message that's been sent out to people who do this, that: 'We're watching you and we'll crack down on you,'" he said.

Main said it's not unusual for groups to beat people up in poorer parts of Chicago. When the violence spilled into the affluent parts of town, Main said, "The concern was that it would drive away conventions and ... tourists who are visiting during the warm months."

Situations echo in Philadelphia

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, a former member of the Chicago Police Department, says he's been in touch his Windy City colleagues.

"They gave us a call. They've got some similar situations. It's different in where it's happening. They had some right on their lakefront for example, on the beach, but they've also had some right along North Michigan Avenue, which if you know Chicago is a very ritzy part of town," Ramsey said. "They had roving bands of kids causing quite a bit of property damage and issues."

Officials in both cities are thankful the violence has not escalated as it has in London. Over several days of destruction, rioters have looted stores, injured people and set buildings and vehicles ablaze.

In a BBC video, an image of a burning building rolls while a reporter talks to two women who were drinking wine looted from a local store.

"It's all about showing police we can do what we want. And now we have," says one.

"So do you reckon it will go on all night?" asks the reporter.

"Hopefully," she answers.

In Philadelphia, Commissioner Ramsey said he's counting on the community's support to get through what's happening.


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WEST ALLIS - Witnesses tell Newsradio 620 WTMJ and TODAY'S TMJ4 of a mob of young people attacking innocent fair-goers at the end of the opening night of State Fair, with some callers claiming a racially-charged scene.

Milwaukee Police confirmed there were assaults outside the fair.


Witnesses' accounts claim everything from dozens to hundreds of young black people beating white people as they left State Fair Thursday night.

Authorities have not given official estimates of the number of people involved in the attacks.


"It looked like they were just going after white guys, white people," said Norb Roffers of Wind Lake in an interview with Newsradio 620 WTMJ.  He left the State Fair Entrance near the corner of South 84th Street and West Schlinger Avenue in West Allis.


"They were attacking everybody for no reason whatsoever."

"It was 100% racial," claimed Eric, an Iraq war veteran from St. Francis who says young people beat on his car. 

"I had a black couple on my right side, and these black kids were running in between all the cars, and they were pounding on my doors and trying to open up doors on my car, and they didn't do one thing to this black couple that was in this car next to us.  They just kept walking right past their car.  They were looking in everybody's windshield as they were running by, seeing who was white and who was black.  Guarantee it."

Eric, a war veteran, said that the scene he saw Thursday outside State Fair compares to what he saw in combat.

"That rated right up there with it.  When I saw the amount of kids coming down the road, all I kept thinking was, 'There's not enough cops to handle this.'  There's no way.  It would have taken the National Guard to control the number of kids that were coming off the road.  They were knocking people off their motorcycles."

Another witness, who asked to remain anonymous, said, "it was like a scene you needed the National Guard to control."


"To me, it looked like a scene out of a movie," claimed the anonymous witness. 

"I have not seen anything like this in my life.  It was a huge mob, and it was a fight that maybe lasted one to two minutes."


Roffers claimed that as he left the state fair with his wife, crowds near that entrance were large, and someone in that crowd .


"As we got closer to the street, we looked up the road, and we saw a quite a bit of commotion going on and there was a guy laying in the road, and nobody was even laying there.  He wasn't even moving.  Finally a car pulled up.  They stopped right next to the guy, and it looked like someone was going to help him.  We were kind of stuck, because we couldn't cross.  Traffic was going through.  Young black men running around, beating on people, and we were like 'Let's get the heck out of here.'  The light turned, and I got attacked from behind.  I just got hit in the back of the head real hard.  I'm like, 'What the heck is going on here?'  I heard my bell ring."


Roffers further described what witnesses said happened to the man who was lying in the street.


"People were saying he was on a bike.  They tore him off his bike and beat on him.  We were walking to the west on Schlinger.  I was watching behind me a lot more diligently, making sure there wasn't anybody coming to get us anymore."

One person claimed that someone was knocked off a motorcycle.

TODAY'S TMJ4 video shows West Allis police handcuffing at least one person, but they won't say how many people they took into custody.

Some witnesses described attacks on the State Fair Grounds as well.


Milwaukee Police said that their officers were sent to State Fair Park for "complaints of battery, fighting and property damage due to a large, unruly crowd."


A police sergeant told TODAY'S TMJ4's Melissa McCrady that the number of calls describing injuries are still coming in, so they could not give an accurate number of people who were injured.


That sergeant explained that some injuries were serious, and local hospitals were attending to the injured.


As of early Friday morning, Milwaukee Police said they had no one in custody.


One woman told police that she was sitting in her car with a window down when some teenagers reached through her window and started attacking her.


"I think once we get all the info in it'll be just like that, like what happened in Riverwest," said the police sergeant.

West Allis Police ask you to call them at 414-302-8000 if you have any information.

Eric: "I feared for my life"

Eric, who asked Newsradio 620 WTMJ not to use his last name, talked about the incidents that happened as he, his wife and a neighbor left the fair Thursday.

"We exited at the Schlinger and 84th exit, and we walked south about a block, and then went up and got our car, came back up and around down Schlinger.  When we made a left hand turn, we were stopped in traffic. I looked toward the bridge, right before you get on the freeway, and all I saw was a road full of black kids, jumping over people's cars, jumping on people's hoods, running over the top of them."

Eric then claimed that he saw hundreds of young black people coming down a sidewalk.


"I saw them grab this white kid who was probably 14 or 15 years old.  They just flung him into the road.  They just jumped on him and started beating him.  They were kicking him.  He was on the ground.  A girl picked up a construction sign and pushed it over on top of him.  They were just running by and kicking him in the face."

Then, Eric talked about trying to get out of the car to help the victim.


"My wife pulled me back in because she didn't want me to get hit.  Thankfully, there was surprising a lady that was in the car in front of me that jumped out of the car real quick and went over there to try to put her body around the kid so they couldn't see he was laying there and, obviously, defenseless.  Her husband, or whoever was in the car, was screaming at her to get back into the car.  She ended up going back into the car.  These black kids grabbed this kid off the ground again, and pulled him up over the curb, onto the sidewalk and threw him into the bushes like he was a piece of garbage."

Eric claimed that the victim in that beating was by himself, and that there was a split of white people on one sidewalk and black people on the other.


"There was nobody else around to help him.  There were no other white people, period, on that side of the street.  They were going in the opposite direction because, those people who were coming out of the fair that saw these people coming, they either went back into the fair or took off running south on 84th Street."

Eric expressed anger at the State Fair Police for what he considered a lack of response.


"The thing that irritated me, the State Fair Police, the State Police, were down by the Pettit entrance to get in there," said Eric. "There was probably 5 or 6 officers down there.  That's where all these kids came from.  They came out of the Midway, across the front of the Pettit.  They were still filing out of there.  The State Fair Police, they knew this was going on.  They knew these kids were beating these guys in between that exit and Schlinger at the next gate."


"They were stopping traffic, and I said 'What in the hell,' excuse my language, 'what are you guys doing directing traffic when there are 300, 400 black kids up the road beating the hell out of everybody, pushing people off of motorcycles?'  I was livid.  I could not believe they were directing traffic."

Fair worker: attacks not limited to outside fairgrounds


A witness told WTMJ that as he worked in a kiosk at the State Fair Midway, he saw what he described as "a Riverwest type mob. Easily between 50 - 100 kids all under 18 and all African American.  They were running around knocking people over (young kids and adults), looting the Midway games (stealing the prizes), starting fights."


The witness, who asked not to be identified, couldn't say for certain if only white people were being attacked.


"It was just complete chaos.  There were police on horses, lots of security guards, and EMT's on the scene.  They never got control of the area."

A State Fair spokeswoman said that there were arrests made involving the incidents on the grounds.


He said that as the violence happened, he was "getting ready to grab my cash register and run."


"Not to mention this type of behavior started around 7pm and forced me to close down my stand at 9pm.  It scared the paying customers out of the midway."


The man said hoping to bring family on Friday, but has decided not to.


"I was planning on bringing my two kids to the fair tonight.  I won't be.  We'll go to the zoo instead."

Woman: Teenagers in mob didn't attend rap concert

One woman who asked not to be identified tells us that contrary to some belief, the young people involved in the mob did not go to the rap concert that night.

"The mob of black teenagers involved in the beatings and damage outside of State Fair last night were not there for the MC Hammer concert," said the woman.

"I attended that concert with three of my friends last night and the crowd was mostly white and adult (as are my friends and I). Any kids there seemed to be with parents."

She described what she saw as she left the fair.

"As we came through the exit we saw a white boy lying in the street, in the fetal position right by the traffic light, and coming towards us was tons and tons and black teens – there had to have been over a hundred – in the middle of 84th Street and on the sidewalk headed south," she said.

"Some who stopped to kick or punch him - or in the case of one girl drop kick him in the head - as they walked past. My friends and I started towards him to help him up and a black girl walked past telling us 'ya’ll gonna get your ***** kicked' repeatedly. As my friend stood in front of the boy trying to get him up one of the teens picked up a traffic cone, hit her in the back of the head and ran off. A car stopped, a white woman got out to try and help. Teens jumped onto the hood of the car and ran over it. She just kept saying 'What is wrong with you!?' "

The witness also told us that not every African-American teenager outside the fair grounds acted violent.

"We continued to move towards the parking lot, through even more black teenagers. Thankfully this part of the crowd was not violent."

Roffers: "What in the hell's going on there?"


Roffers described his emotions and reactions to the attacks outside the park.


"I turned around and looked, there was this black kid standing there laughing, thinking it's funny.  My wife's like, 'Let's get out of here.'  It's one of those things, you don't expect it.  Your reaction to it is, first of all, quite surprised, then you get so angry, it's like, 'What in the hell's going on there?  Why are these guys acting like such hoodlums?  What are they picking on anybody for?'  We were just like cattle being herded out of the park, and they were picking and choosing who they wanted to beat on."


He said his injuries were limited to a headache.


Roffers said the attack wouldn't stop him from attending the State Fair.


"We will be going back," said Roffers.


"It's a family event for us.  We get together with our family and we do stuff at the park to enjoy the fair.  My biggest concern is that the State Fair Park Police and West Allis get their heads out of their butts and figure out how to do some security over there.  This isn't the first year State Fair has been going on.  They should know what the heck they've got to do and where they've got to have people in place by now."


He said that the fear spread beyond those who he believed were the target.


"There were a lot of people scared," claimed Roffers.


"There were even some young black girls.  They were screaming.  They were running across the road.  This one girl was like, 'I don't know how I'm going to get out of here.  I'm all by myself.'  My wife heard her saying that.  She said, 'Walk with us.  Stay with us and you'll be OK.'  We told her we were going down the street.  If she needed any assistance, we were just going down to our car.  She needed to go quite a way."


"There was this terror going on when you leave the place, you just wonder.  Luckily, all the violence that was happening stayed right close by the park entrance.  As we got a block away from the park, that's when the cops started showing up."


He said the lack of police and security presence will bring about his complaint up the various channels of State Fair and local police.


"They should be able to provide safety and traffic control," said Roffers.  "I've never worried about it before."


He said he would give a written complaint to the State Fair and put in a call to West Allis Police, but that's not all.


"I will be contacting the State Fair Park Board and I'm going to chew on their butts a little bit about what happened."

State Fair spokeswoman: "Unfortunate situation, hopefully an isolated situation."

State Fair Director of Marketing and Communication Kathleen O'Leary told Newsradio 620 WTMJ's  "Wisconsin's Morning News" that the incidents should not stop people from coming to the fair.

"Certainly, don't change your plans," said O'Leary.  "Please understand that this is an unfortunate situation, hopefully an isolated situation."

Though witnesses had reported incidents inside the fair, she said the problems were mainly outside the fairgrounds.

"Not so much inside," claimed O'Leary.

"We had complete control inside of what was happening inside of our gates.  It's what what spread into the neighborhoods."


O'Leary also pointed out that the fair has "taken measures already with the bag checks, when you come into the fair," but will increase authorities' presence for the remaining days at the fair.


"We will be taking severe measures, significant measures.  We are in task force already, circling back around, doing everything that we can to make sure the experience is enjoyable and that the safety is insured," said O'Leary.


"They see the yellow security shirts.  We have mounted police.  We have bike police.  We have our patrolling police.  We have undercover police.  That's all because that's exactly what we want.  We want the safety measures intact at every turn."


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A mob of teenagers swarmed city buses in Chicago in two separate incidents mugging passengers for their cell-phones and iPods.

The city has been experiencing a recent wave of “flash-mob†attacks, where large groups of teens have set upon unsuspecting victims robbing them of cash and personal items.
My son in law (my daughters husband) is a cop in the Chicago area, hardcore side, gang unit, and if anyone touches him I will chase them to the ends of earth, what the politicians, the cops, the CIA, the FBI, US Marshalls? *WAHINE IS ALL THOSE WRAPPED INTO ONE WHEN YOU SCREW WITH MY FAMILY ALL 95 POUNDS OF ME WILL KICK YOUR ASS INTO THE NEXT CENTURY IF YOU SURVIVE AT ALL* I have noticed the Mayor of Philadelphia came out and said its all black teenagers and curfew is now imposed. I thought that was shocking until I saw he was black, he didnt just stop there either...He called out their families. I can honestly say if that crap happens here in Central Florida , I know our police dont screw around, they just shoot and just about every family is armed with weapons, a gun on every corner basically, and if we feel threatened in any way or our life is in danger we are allowed to shoot and kill somone by law here. That also goes for our homes and businesses. Not anyone can do that you have to be a Florida resident, someone cant just come in from another state and claim they were scared for their life, they will be prosecuted but if you are a Florida Resident the law is on the side of the resident. I dont want anyone killing anyone but I can tell you the more this gets put off and mayhem is allowed it is going to get worse. Deadly force should be an option on the table.
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