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Angry Youth---Mob Attacks Happening In the United States-What is Happening?!!


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[quote name='xtraspicy62 wrote:

nazhira wrote:

nazhira']Maybe, the previous thread, can give you some answers.


Hope all of you are well

Sorry, I was talking about the "10 million in Africa at risk" thread.

Hi Naz, nice to hear from you, queen of Belly Dancingsmile.gif

Hi honey !

Hope you are well happy.gif


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[quote name='illumination70 wrote:

xtraspicy62']what in the heck is going on with youths in the united states and in england???

  My only guess is they are getting fed-up with the economy!!


And the way the media is covering the economy and how they exalted Obama before he even knew what he was dealing with set up every spoon-fed viewer with a much desired cure all that hasn't manifested. Way past time to educate ourselves, do our own research, to THINK instead of receive. It's a cycle that the "elite" want us in.  Be wide awake, don't sleep!


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