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*FEEDBACK ONLY: WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE A Fan Photo Contest (REVISED)----your thoughts?


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thanks Kristaps...I like your suggestions better.


So how about these categories?

Can you envision a 2012 calendar made of 12 winning fan photos?


12 themes for 12 months.




1) Best Photo Europe Leg 1 (2009)


2) Best Photo North America Leg 1 (2009)


3) Best Photo Europe Leg 2 (2010)


4) Best Photo OZ/NZ Leg 2 (2010)


5) Best Photo Africa Leg 3 (2011)


6) Best Photo South America Leg 3 (2011)


7) Best Photo Glastonbury 2011


8) Best Photo North America


9) Best Photo Magnetic Hill Music Festival


10) Best Bono


11) Best Adam


12) Best Larry


13) Best The Edge


14) other category.....


We would need to run 14 polls of submitted photos.

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time to put on my reading glasses and comb through the terms of service...


I'm thinking that I couldn't ask for any money for a charitable donation on this site, at least not on the forums.


I'm thinking that perhaps the calendar could be free on this site for everyone, in a PDF format, if that would work...


then, if others wanted to buy it from a shop that I would set up on cafe press, the link to that, I believe, would be OK for me to put on my profile page?



I was contacted by cafepress.com today, and they said, that lots of people use their site to raise money for charity, so I can do that, no problem.


I'm just thinking about the previous mod response of the answer being a probable no, due to asking for money....


unless the calendar was made by u2.com.


I would be glad to run the contest, but only as myself and not as a moderator.


perhaps I can run the contests with out being a mod?


maybe any title could be something fun, like contest queen or something else light hearted? tongue.gif

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oh boy, I think that the photos from fans on this site are the property of U2.com, and there fore could not be sold.


not sure if Im understanding the tos correctly or not...


And Im thinking that anyone who enters the contest would be asked, if they won, to sign a release that they approved of the sale of their picture for charity.


I've asked ONE and RED campaigns, both, for their tax ID number so I can have the proceeds go to them.

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1) Winning fan photos could be made into a free downloadable calendar, if we can find some one to volunteer to create that


2) We would help each other figure out ways to get it to print out nicely


3) Privately, and not advertised on this site, you have the option to order a nice one from my shop at cafepress, with a portion of the proceeds to go to ONE or RED or both....or other..(this is still being worked out)



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