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I keep getting kicked out of the subscriber's side...


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Hi Baja--

I've been a paid subscriber since 2004. I just renewed, and I'm happy to say that I have a presale code. The thing is that I keep getting thrown off ofthe subscriber's side...and asked to log in every second. I don't have access to videos or audio in sound and vision. I mean I never know what'sgoing to happen when I try and log on to the site. I'm constantly logging in or fighting to get back to the subscriber's side. I'm afraid that Iwon't be able to participate in the presale, because I'm never allowed to stay in the subscriber's side long enough! For a long time was was beingtold that I had to confirm my email...then I was told that someone else was using it (that was me, because I tried to join in 2004, with several differentusernames before being allowed to subscribe). I decided to change my email address, and then was sent about 15 welcome emails, I guess from clicking the linkto have the email resent, while I was using the other address. Anyway...I've finally confirmed my email address, but am now always, and I mean constantlybeing asked to update my profile, and when I do i'm sometimes granted access to the subscriber's side...sometimes just booted out again. When I try tocheck out the tours section, i'm not allowed access as a subcriber i'd say about half the time, and this is very scary. What if it happens on the dayof the presale? Please help me. I've renewed my membership and just want to enjoy the site...and be able to look forward to the presale, without this fearof not having access. I'm sorry for the long mail, but I just can't seem to have these things resolved.

Thank you so, so much! I realize that you must be beyond exhausted, you poor thing!!


E_Tonnesen AT yahoo Dot com

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