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You pick me up

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Me too - love the GQ pics! Let me know if you get a good source. They are dressy yet casual and I love their expressions - happiness! I want to see them all as happy as they make me, make us!


All these other thread pics are too delish as well! Thanks!


My 15 year old thinks Larry and Edge are too cute, especially Larry. Can't deny it, especially in Rattle and Hum and the Electrical Storm vid.  Me, I'll take the shades guy. It's who is and how he owns it. See him perform and you can't deny it. Then think about the person who made those words and how he delivers them. My sis was trying to help me figure out what it was about the Bono Vox. What it is, we've decided, is that he is totally his own man - in full possession of all that he is that makes him so. It just makes him so dang attractive! Like a magnet!!

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man, anjana, these are so good...i want so many of them printed and put into frames....


but id want them printed on good paper stock....


that one up above, i commented on, Im so in love with that one....


but want it to look good if i print it out....

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