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The Favorite Things Thread


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Off the top of my head and in no order...


Rain on the rooftop while I'm cozy in my bed.

A beautiful snowy night, while the moon is full - great time for a midnight stroll.

Fire in the fireplace - a cozy blanket and a good book.

A beautiful summer evening, out on the patio with a beer and friends.

Late evening swims.

U2 music.

A fabulous meal prepared with friends.

Christmas Eve midnight service.

Easter breakfast, sunrise service.

Saturday morning football.

To love and be loved in return... fleeting or lasting - matters not.

A good ole belly laugh - the kind where the tears are streaming down.

A kind word.

A favourite memory - the kind that never leaves you.

New shoes.

Laundry on the line, blowing in the breeze.

Waves on the beach. Sand in my toes.

Brilliant stars in the sky.

Slow dancing.

The autumn leaves.

Cardinals in the bird feeder.

A hug which never ends.

A new love, a new friend.

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