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Bono with or without a guitar ?


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Watching U2 videos, on youtube, one example being The Fly - Zootv Sydney, there are quite a few people who say Bono should completely do without the guitar, as according to them he does nothing with it, and he should rather stick to just singing.


He is obviously a very talented musician, so i for one, like him with the guitar. It adds something extra to the performance.


Bono with a guitar, yay or nay ?

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I dont think he does "nothing" with it. I have listened to the Fly and I DO THINK his guitar contribution on that song is real.


However (and there always is a however) - I think on Streets , once he's done playing and singing his intro song, once thee Edge's beautiful "Streets" notes start playing , he can IMMEDIATELY lose the guitar.


and.......I LIKE the fact that he recognized he didnt need the guitar on Mercy and that it threw him off a bit.


So, its a "case by case" judgment on his necessity for playing guitar.


for me, that is

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I do think there are songs where he DOES do something with the guitar. It's just it's turned down in the mix on DVDs so it's rarely audible. But on the BBC Glastonbury live broadcast, it was clearly audible when he played on The Fly and One.


Plus, his guitars look awesome. They even look better than some of Edge's guitars.

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