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USA East Coast people...take heed


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Hurricane warnings along the East Coast


Tom Moore, Lead Meteorologist, The Weather Channel


Aug 25, 2011 5:01 pm ET





- Major Hurricane Irene poses an extraordinary threat and is one that no one has yet experienced from North Carolina to the mid-Atlantic to the Northeast to New England.


- Irene is a major category 3 hurricane with winds of 115 mph moving past.


- Irene is centered about 575 miles south of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina and moving NNW at 14 mph.


- A hurricane warning is in effect for the Northwest Bahamas.


- A hurricane watch is in effect from the NC/VA border to Sandy Hook, NJ, including the Delaware bay and the Chesapeake Bay south of Smith Point.


- A tropical storm warning is in effect from north of Edisto Beach, SC to Little River Inlet


- A tropical storm watch is in effect for the Chesapeake Bay from Smith Pt. northward and the tidal Potomac


- Irene moves northwest through the Bahamas through tonight.


- Peak wind gusts so far: George Town 69 mph and Nassau 66 mph.


- Rainfall of 6 to 10 inches is expected throughout the Bahamas.


- A dangerous storm surge could raise water levels by 7 to 11 feet in the northwest Bahamas in areas.


- Outer rain bands from Irene continue across eastern Florida tonight.


- Heavy showers may contain wind gusts over 40 mph along with rainfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour.


- After moving out of the Bahamas tonight Irene parallels the Southeast coast well offshore Friday.


- Rain bands occasional lash the coastline from central Florida to North Carolina.


- Some bands may contain tropical storm force wind gusts.


- Irene could still be a major hurricane causing extreme impacts to eastern North Carolina later Friday night and Saturday.


- Winds over 100 mph, torrential rainfall, ocean and sound flooding and a damaging storm surge are expected on the Outer Banks and western shores of the sounds.


- Hurricane force winds could be felt over the mainland almost to I-95.


- Heavy rainfall is possible as far west as central North Carolina and north-central South Carolina through Saturday afternoon.


- There has been a slight shift in the forecast beyond Saturday.


- It now appears Irene may hug the coastline potentially making a landfall near New York City Sunday evening.


- This new track means more people could have catastrophic impacts from Irene in the Northeast beginning Saturday night in southern Virginia and lasting into Monday in New England.


- Even though Irene should weaken some it will still bring hurricane force winds, extreme rainfall, significant coastal flooding and a tornado threat.


- Irene should be hitting the Northeast near the new moon when tides will be higher before adding Irene's surge and wave action.


- Heavy rain could track as far west as western Virginia, western Maryland, central Pennsylvania and central and western New York.


- Widespread wind damage and power outages are likely throughout the Northeast.


- Plan ahead ... Make sure that you have plenty of water, non-perishable food, flashlights and a transistor radio.

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Its exactly due east of me right now. THE SURF IS HUGE! We got small squall lines coming over, under a tornado watch right now. I am hoping they close the beaches tomorrow cuz this evening there were tourists all over the beach with little babies playing in the shorebreak, this people just do not get it. One wave and they are gone. They were scaring the hell outta me...well the surf is suppose to go offshore and be good tomorrow. My son has an early afternoon flight outta Norfolk, Virginia back home to Florida. I just hope he gets out in time. My prayers are with the folks on the outer banks and everyone up north cuz I can tell ya, there is an awful lot of water moving with this storm! Im sure the Potomac will flood the hell outta Alexandria and Washington. Sending along my prayers...

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The latest model runs keep it on the same course.  It's a beast on satellite.  I am praying for everyone who is in the path, hoping it shifts east a bit and we are wrong.  Believe it or not, I know a few forecasters who are heading towards the coast....not because it's their job but because they want to "be a part of it".  Not me!!  Being trapped among floods and debris without power is not worth it, especially when there are so many who won't have a choice.  In our area we are preparing for the unlikely western shift but should only get moderate wind and perhaps some Tstorms.  Wahine I will pray your son gets out of Norfolk okay!

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Wahine, there's some big surfing event going on in Virginia Beach isn't there? I'm sure you're son will be out in advance of Irene hitting shore. We were there this time last year. I will never understand why anyone would want to ride out a hurricane and not evacuate, or head for the hurricane area. That is just insane, you're gambling with your life and you don't mess with nature. We had a freak storm in the Chicago area on July 11th, I've never seen anything like it here in my life. The storm went through really fast, fortunately, had low hurricane force winds and torrential downpour, it was called a derecho. Even though it went through really fast, not even 10 minutes, it did a helluva lot of damage. We had trees and power lines down, and no power for up to 5 days for a lot of people. Fortunately we were out of power ourselves for only 2 days, but even that was horrible because it was in the 90's with tropical humidity. Having experienced that small of a violent storm compared to a hurricane, I cannot imagine riding out a hurricane with over 100 mph winds, immense amounts of rain, water surges, incredible flooding for HOURS. Then having no power for who knows how long. Did people not learn anything from Hurricane Katrina?


Skywarn, what state are you in?

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