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bono/ONE criticizing belgium?


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belgian newspapers came out with the news today; according to headline bono criticized the belgians for spending donating 9 million euro's for african relief.

the article tho claims the figures were released by ONE, organisation which is related to rockstar Bono.
anyone from other country read or heard bout this? 
some of my fellow-belgians feel kinda offended and the anger is aimed at bono, and ofcourse the ONE-scandal bout money not goin to africa is brought up again...(and yes we all know ONE uses money to lobby, but the 'outsiders' dont wink.gif) as is the u2 avoiding irish taxes-subject... (not to mention the: stick to the music, sick of his whining, why don he give his concert-profits to charity- comments)
just curious what others know bout the matter? 
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