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2 hot and charming men together! Bono interviews George Clooney


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hey thanks for that interview I am going to look up notonmywatchproject.org


that's what i think of the whole celebrity BS! it's ridiculous! it's weird to see famous people 'outting' the lie. most celebretays are happy to prance around and git thar photo taken. no talent necessary. i know some very very talented people and yes, they are not famous. they are still funny, and good at what they do.


the irish connection. i am an irish immigrant to australia. here is what it is like having an irish mother "they should stop all these immigrants coming into the country". "mum i hate to tell you this, but you are an immigrant, so am i".


it would have been good if the interview went longer with some more insight into what is going on in Darfur. Anyway I will look this up.


peace out

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