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Hello Tiz...A bit like old times... but sure happy times reading so far.frown.gif
frown.gif I want to think positive Sue, I'm sure there will be more of those wonderful nights...and anyway I'm with all of you, this interview made me feel how much I miss them even more...
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[quote name='daltonsisters wrote:

U2LAWoman wrote:

MacFoley']Maybe Larry has told them he no longer wants to be touring in u2 anymore. Hence the current rumors that u2 won't tour again, hence why Bono is sad???

Hmm...seems something is going on...maybe that little while comment was from something occurring within the band like you said.


I didn't read the interview quite that way, though of course it's crossed my mind like any U2 fan these days....how much longer will they tour, and all that. I guess I read it more as....the retrospective look at AB has naturally put them in a contemplative state ...and a "where to now" kind of space. Bono's final comments, coming in what seemed a rather abrupt ending by the host due to Bono fielding that final question (....almost serendipitously now that I think about it)....was taken by me to be a point that the band are right back where they were during AB - the danger zone of not only wanting, but of having to reinvent themselves yet again. There was a lot of talk of that by Davis as well. That feeling of being uncomfortable with being comfortable. Interesting, really!  I thought Bono was so honest and almost vulnerable as he spoke about U2 being at the edge of irrelevance now. But I believe he was looking to that as a calling place for the band to dream it all up again as they so often have. To use it as fuel to take the risks they need to again. I don't think they're looking like a band that's ending.

At least, that's what I'm counting on.......



Amen on that

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[quote name='hnicolaidesk wrote:

bigwave']have added quick edit of bits of the chat to top post. Job done, its beer o'clock

Well done BW - and well deserved.


Almost beer o'clock here too friends... Have a great weekend... catch up with all of you again soon. xxx



Cheersssssss Helen and all zootops thanksssssssssss for being the wonderful persons you are, I love you xoxooxo

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Wow too much speculation around here!!

It was a nostalgic interview about perhaps better times, but where on Earth do you see signs of them wanting to quit or separate??

Bono indeed sounded tired, maybe he does need a longer rest than Edge (he went through surgery in the middle of the tour) but I actually liked their sincerity in answering, and it looks like the film will be along these lines as well.

Wonderful stuff

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