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I haven't watched it again but my first impression was that Bono just seemed tired but maybe he was just having an off day peeps, maybe he's just on a downer at the moment, who knows, but don't we all get like that sometimes and a bit negative. Must be a huge anti-climax having relatively less to do after a huge world tour especially for someone who loves the limelight and has as much energy to keep moving forward as he does!

It's easy to focus on Bono's perceived mood but don't forget Edge was as bright, smiley and sparky as ever, I think that counts for something.

And it's easy to speculate, it's almost self justifying sometimes but for me I don't think age will be the deciding factor for these guys when it comes to their music, if they still have the thirst for it (and I just feel they do) they will continue with it at some point when they're all ready but I feel it's understandable after such a long haul with Horizon and 360 that there may be a long break before they do anything new.

Obviously I don't know Bono personally (wish I did!) but he seems the impatient type! He probably wants to get going with things. I think sometimes creativity is like that, you need to express it and get it out, start experimenting but you can feel as down as hell when you just can't get to do it for whatever reason.

It's not unusual for Larry and Adam to be absent from these things, each to their own.

well said!! I can get like that too

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Thanks for the links Mac. Just had an hour of peace with my headphones on. Really enjoyed the Q&A and I'm really looking forward to seeing the film.

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[quote name='Anjana wrote:

surrenders']So I could've been listening to this Friday while I laid on the couch sick? Forgot all about it due to horrendous cold and cough.

awhhh poor you, get well soon, keep looking at this for medicinal purposes (endorphin release), lots more herehappy.gif

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crikey, was bono crying at the end.....why was he so upset!?!?!?!


ok the way i see it, or what i read from it,,,,,,


well larry and adam were not there, why wasnt larry there? he simply hates watching himself on screen. for those who have followed larry should know he HATES the limelight! so therefore probably didnt want any part of this interview what so ever. adam well he attended the premier but maybe he wasnt needed to be in the interview. but then again, it was always going to be bono and the edge as it was advertised....


i dont think bono hates davis in any way. i think bono hated seeing himself in the film. i got the impression he didnt enjoy it at all. again another reason why larry didnt appear on the red carpet. but i felt bono felt uneasy watching himself on a big screen, maybe he didnt like the film in general........


even better than the real thing (fish out of water remix) with a damien hirst video as a single? then bono did say that songs of ascent was going to be out in 2009, 2010, 2011.......


but bono crying at the end, was a bit heart wrenching to watch! maybe he was tired, maybe he knows something we dont, who knows. but by the way they were talking, they were talking about in a way, how the band works, not how the band worked, if you get my drift!


i think bono wants u2 to write music that can be played in clubs.....be relevant........be played on the radio........basically appeal to people, so maybe they will play it safe next? who knows, maybe they wont ever release another album, who knows.....


but he was asked about one at the end, and then started talking about being irrelevant and started crying!


take that break bono, chill out, enjoy your life, and u2 come back when your ready! until then......



Mac, chill!  Bono wasn't crying at all.  He seems to have had a slight tickle in his throat then cleared it, I didn't see anything close to crying. 


I agree, Bono does not like to look backwards, he's always forward looking and I don't think he enjoyed the film and looking back at themselves at that time and place at all.  What's the point of it?  For fans of the band it's a great thing, but for artists I don't think they like analyzing stuff from the past, especially at such a rocky time for them as a band back then.  Bono seems to be obsessed with being 'relevant', when in fact, the band has been relevant for a long time and always will be.  I don't know where he's getting this 'they're irrelevant' crapola from.  They're still influencing other musicians, they're still attracting young fans, what more can you ask for as far as relevancy?  Radio play?  The state of radio today is the problem, not U2 getting played on it or not.  I hear U2 played on Chicago stations all the time anyway.


Does Bono have a hard time with U2 being the 'elder' statesmen of rock? Cause they are and that's a good thing.  It doesn't mean they should rest on their laurels, they've never done that and I don't see them ever doing that, until they're done as a band.


As Bono said to someone this past week, U2 won't be touring for awhile, and I think that's a good thing.  2 year tour, major health issue in the middle of it, Spiderman issues, etc.  Time for a nice long break and if they want to dream it all up again, or not, that's fine by me.

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Thanks for the video posts, Mac.  I felt like Bono just had a "frog in his throat" as he sometimes does when talking a lot.  But he did hang his feelings out there.  I have heard him say that he does not like to look back.  And I agree that this film made him/them feel very exposed. He surely didn't seem to be overjoyed about it. It will be interesting to see the film. 


Obviously, staying fresh and relevant is very important to all of them.  It must be strenuous to "push the edge of the envelope" so often, for so many years,  and not be sure you achieved the goal.  And speaking of "self-imposed crapness," maybe Bono should stay away from the radio!  LOL


As Surrenders mentioned, the "elder statesmen" role is probably a hard adjustment.  When you hit fifty-something, gravity begins to take effect, both mentally and physically.  It's hard to realize and gracefully accept the changes.


I don't think U2 is done yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if they slow down a lot and maybe even make some transitions.  

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 I agree, Bono does not like to look backwards, he's always forward looking and I don't think he enjoyed the film and looking back at themselves at that time and place at all.  What's the point of it?  For fans of the band it's a great thing, but for artists I don't think they like analyzing stuff from the past, especially at such a rocky time for them as a band back then.  

I agree with your point of view, even the director said that he doesn't think about what he has done on the set until he's going back home, I think the life of an artist is partially what Edge calls it "Taking risks" and on this matter it's obvious that at middle age you're less unconscious, and so the possibility of taking risks becomes a problem, more than in the past...and as Bono said, an artist, a poet, a musician, have their top creativity when they feel uncomfortable, in this sense it's true that art helps to live better, for the audience as well as for the artist...so I think it's normal from this prospective not liking to look at back, if probably that period (as they pointed out) was yes so creative but even full of the tensions which often create great art products, probably that's why re-living those emotions must have not been so easy for them, let's not forget they were on a point of breakdown...I'm not sure how to take it, if it's a slowly preparing us to the end of the U2 era, or just a moment of vulnerability that, as always, they don't want to hide...they're very sincere with us, and the way they worked on this press conference (wanting only fans questions by twitter and leaving journalists speechless....very unusual for a press conference) well it seemed to me that they just need some confirmations of our love, being unsecure is part of an artist's soul, and probably, for what I feel into my heart, they just need to know we still love them, whatever they decide to do...this is how I take it...once again they are not afraid to show themselves as humans, as men who are thinking about what they have done til now...as director said, let's not forget they've been exposed in the showbusiness since age of 16, and probably only someone knowing well what it means can understand how it feels...as you lost something of your life and your youth, and it's normal to me, at a certain point of your life, wanting to be back in touch with the men inside the role of rockstars, and probably listening to that part of themselves which has been for so many years forgotten, means coming back to live as "normal" men (for a period of time which all us us hope will be not too long)...I'm not sure if I make sense, I'm getting very emotional too on this subject...

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