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what about best fan injury????? laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif
These are my Glasto feet after a friday standing for 16hours, rain and wellies!

oh, zhivvy,you more than deserve to receive the honor of Best Fan Injury!


the pain and suffering you put yourself through.....but then the ecstasy!


Glastonbury was epic and profound, like red rocks....


and YOU were there!!!!!!

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Best Larry: #10.

Sydney 1 December 13 2010



great shots of Larry, jets! You were so close up to the stage!! did you and larry have any interactions? did he see you?


Love how you caught the blue lights going around the stage floor.


did you water mark your pics on Photobucket?

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Zootops and Bono the bags together and having the best fun! (not concert but love this pic!)

And me and Dizzy in the Frankfurt sunshine!!!! The hats were the height of fashion lol!

Aww, you and your fan friends with the now famous "bono bags"-a classic!


I think this is one of the best fan photos of best fans, lol!smile.gif


Nice hats on you and dizzy...whose idea was it for the hats?

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