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U2 Illuminati - want a laugh check this out.....


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wow and here all this time, I thought it was Bono's leather clad crotch and Larry's pecs and biceps that had brainwashed us



BOY have I got it wrong

That's all I can think about now that you've mentioned it.   yep...that's what has me brainwashed.
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I was done when I saw those damn boots Bono wore at the War tour...looked up when they started playing from the wild balcony party we had going on and screamed I want those boots! I'll never forget thinking how insane The Alarm was, then I saw the boots...No Irishman should have been wearing them..

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[quote name='md009 wrote:


Glastonbury 2011: U2 (The Occult Review)

The first act to headline the Pyramid stage were U2 who finished the first day of festival entertainment on Friday evening. From start to finish, the show was a bizarre space-themed concoction of cryptic speech, symbolic gestures, subliminal messages, strange astrological backdrops, and a laser light show. All of which seemed quite unrelated to U2's music.
Before we write about U2's strange Glastonbury performance, we thought it we would show you a little bit about the band's occult name and their elite connections.
U2: Utu, the Horned god
Firstly the band name "U2" is taken from the Ancient Babylonian Sun God Utu. He is usually depicted wearing a horned helmet. Utu seems very similar to the Egyptian sun God Horus. We all know the importance of Horus and sun worship to the elite so this is a very significant choice of name. In mythology, Utu helped Gilgamesh and his father establish themselves as kings of the first dynasty of Uruk (modern day Iraq). Gilgamesh was supposed to be one third human and two thirds God and he survived the Great Deluge. It would take a whole separate blog to talk about all of the connections between the elite and Iraq/Sumer/Annunaki. The band didn't even come up with this name themselves so it was obviously chosen by someone who was already in on the deeper purpose of the music industry.
Charity Starts At Home
Bono is known for his charity work. He is co-founder of One, a charity to help beat poverty and disease. However, his charity came under scrutiny late last year for only donating £118,000 to good causes even though he received almost £9.6million in donations. We find it odd that someone who is concerned about the human race can keep company with the greedy, selfish people who are trying to enslave us.
Bono with Barack Obama
Bono with George W. Bush & Model Christy Turlington
Bono with Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, South African President Thabo Mbeki, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo
The set:
The band opened the set with an exclusive video specially commissioned by artist Damien Hirst. The video contained images of his famous butterfly paintings, dead flies from his "A Thousand Years" exhibit of the life cycle of maggots, and the crystal skull sculpture entitled "For the Love of God". Damien Hirst was an interesting choice of artist to work with as he was born in nearby Bristol and he is famous for his art work on death and religion. He was also a friend of Francis Bacon from whom Hirst gained inspiration for his own work.
The skull imagery is commonly used to represent death, the Grim Reaper and the Skull and Bones secret society. We have noticed that this symbol is becoming an increasingly common motif in the fashion and entertainment industry for some unknown reason . Either way it is surely a macabre symbol by anyone's standard! The butterfly is used as a monarch mind control symbol. Could this have been used to let us know that the purpose of the rest of the set was low level, mass mind control? They did go on to use subliminal messages during their next song "The Fly" as you will see below.
Lord Of The Flies
During the intro to "The Fly" the words "Everything you know is wrong" appeared on the screens. This is a very interesting statement. At least someone is admitting that to us I guess!
What followed next can only be described as negative subliminal messaging. We rewound and paused the video to catch some of these messages which were written in huge, bold capital letters. This went on through the whole song though and the messages were getting longer and quicker so we could only pick out some of them. We managed to catch the whole of the first three sets of words to flash up which were:
We aren't even going to try and guess what this is supposed to mean but can't imagine it was anything positive.
The next set of words were:
These are very obviously negative messages designed to appeal to the base human emotions. This tactic is used openly in advertising. There is obviously no need to analyse what was meant by saying "The Media is the Antichrist".
The next message was a sentence rather than a series of words. This read:
Then we saw the phrase "I WANT" followed by a list of words and phrases that were moving to fast for the conscious mind to see. If you look closely at the image below, you can see the words "WATCH MORE TV". You can get an idea of how quickly these messages were being flashed up by the amalgamation of two phrases. This can not be labelled as anything other than subliminal messaging however you view it.
As we mentioned before, this continued throughout the whole song so we will list below just a few of the many bizarre messages that U2 presented to the crowd. We also have screen shots of some of these messages to back up what we saw as it's quite bizarre and unbelievable :
ZOOROPA - U2's 8th album which has a cover that looks suspiciously like a play on the EU flag:
And then U2 end the song with the message "WATCH MORE TV" and Bono states "It's all very realistic". We can only think that this done to look like they were being ironic but either way, the messages would have gone into the crowd's subconscious.
She Moves In Mysterious Ways / Till The End Of The World
As we mentioned earlier, U2 have some connection with sun worship as do a lot of the elite and their pawns. During their performance of "Mysterious Ways", we see a series of hands which are positioned to look like the sun behind the band.
The hands then go on to make the formation of a triangle with another inverted triangle below.
The hands forming a triangle is another common signal used by the "stars".
Pictures: Jay-Z, Tom Cruise, Sienna Miller
The BBC coverage even made a point of showing someone in the crowd making this same signal.
This song seems to be about Goddess worship as the lyrics are about a women represented as the Moon. The Moon is a classic and ancient symbol for the Goddess. Bono also starts singing Beyonce's song "Independent Women" which is quite significant as you will see if you read our Beyonce blog. Bono ends the song by chanting "move me spirit, reach us, move me spirit teach us, move me spirit take us" whilst looking up at the sky. He then starts walking around the stage and shouts "Judas" before singing "Till the End of the World". This song is supposed to be a conversation between Jesus and Judas about Judas's betrayal. Although, if you look at the lyrics, you can see sexual undertones between them which is clearly not Christian. Also, during this song, Bono starts leering towards the crowd and doing the "devil horns" with his hands.
He later repeats this but this time he directs this towards another member of U2.
We can't think what this was supposed to represent other than Lucifer or Utu as he was known to wear a horned helmet?
Bono symbolically sang a snippet from "Jerusalem" during "Where the Streets Have No Name" and "Bad". This song is inspired by the poem written by William Blake which is based on an apocryphal story in which a young Jesus visits Glastonbury with his Uncle Joseph of Aramathea. This story is linked to an idea in the Book of Revelation (3:12 and 21:2) which describes a Second Coming, where Jesus establishes a new Jerusalem. Bono claims that this is the real reason why he wanted to play at Glastonbury and that he was on a Pilgrimage as Glastonbury Abbey is the oldest Christian Abbey in Northern Europe. It had nothing to do with their show or the music.
Bono refers to "Jerusalem" when he says "Bring me my arrows of fire, bring me my chariot of fire, take me home". At this point, the BBC seem to put an effect on the footage of Bono so he appears to have a halo of light around his head.
He then chants "revelation, in temptation, condemnation, isolation, revelation, illumination". The crowd are then encouraged to chant "let it go, let it fade away" over and over again. The band keep changing the theme of the set by giving either holy or unholy connotations to their performance. Bono is portrayed as spiritually enlightened here, but then during "Vertigo" he shouts to the crowd "All of this can be yours, all of this can be yours, just give me what I want and no one will get hurt". This does sounds similar to the Biblical passage in which Satan tries to tempt Jesus "All this I will give you...if you will bow down and worship me" (Matt. 4:9).
Astronauts at Glastonbury
We found the next incident the most confusing. Bono addresses the crowd with "Imagine a man looking down on us from 200 miles up...looking down at our beautiful, crowded planet...all borders disappear...the cities connect into a web of light...conflicts of the world seem silent. I wonder what he would have to say..." He must be talking about a Divine Being right?.....no it was the astronaut Mark Kelly of course! All of a sudden the crowd was presented with video footage of Mark Kelly delivering a pre-recorded message from the International Space Station (ISS aka Isis). Mark Kelly says hello to Glastonbury and then holds up a series of words which float around in zero-gravity. The cards read "7 billion", "1 nation" (New World Order?), and "Imagine it's a beautiful day" He then quotes David Bowie's "Space Oddity" by saying "tell my wife I love her very much, she knows". This reference could be due to the fact that David Bowie played at the first ever Glastonbury Festival or because the song itself is inspired by Stanley Kubrick's Occult film "2001 A Space Odyssey". This is a highly symbolic film with great meaning to the world elite which is worthy of it's own blog. (link to Bill Cooper)
<[iframe] frameborder="0" src="
" height="349" width="560">..
U2 then continue with their set until Mark Kelly appears again at the end of the song and speaks the end lyrics as if they were a poem. It seems a mystery to us why an astronaut or NASA for that matter, would care or give any time to a music festival in the South West of England? It could of served as a symbolic message from the Egyptian Goddess Isis or at the very least, it continued with the space theme as U2 seem to have a fascination with space and the stars. NASA are heavily involved with the New World Order and the ruling elite so it must of been linked somehow or else why give their time to U2?
This may just be a coincidence but we found this synchronous enough to mention. After singing "Beautiful Day" Bono kneels down on the edge of the stage in the rain and starts singing about it. This is done by other Occult music stars such as Rhianna, Jay Z , Eminem and the Beatles. In The Beatle's song "Rain" they use a method called backwards masking. This was the first time this method was ever used on a record. The backward message in "Rain" was "if the rain comes, they run and hide their heads" Bono practically quotes this line when he says "if the rain comes, they run and hide their hair". Then he sings a line from another Beatles song "She Loves You" which is a mighty coincidence! Backward masking has been controversial ever since with Christians claiming it is being used for Satanic purposes. To add another twist to this, the demon Baal is known as God of Thunder the bringer of winter rain storms and spring and summer mists/dew. Baal is also known as Marduk whose Sumerian name is AMAR.UTU which literally translates as "the calf of Utu". Coincidence?
Bloody Sunday
During the performance of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" (a song about the Bogside Massacre in which 13 Irish civilians were shot dead by the British Army) Bono takes off his shades and covers one eye whilst saying "wipe your bloody tears away". Simultaneously, the stage and the crowd are drenched in a bright red light. The message of the song combined with Bono's statement/hand gesture and the red light were clearly all linked to violence and blood in some way which are going to evoke strong base emotions amongst the crowd again.
It is interesting that Bono covered one eye during this performance as this is another common hand gesture used by the rich and famous to show where their allegiance lie.
With or Without You
U2 decided to use an astrological video projection whilst performing "With or Without You". The projection was a spinning view of star constellations with only two labelled for us to see. These were Cepheus and Draco.
Cepheus is named after Cepheus King of Aethiopa in Greek mythology. It is said to represent a King as the stars form a square with a triangle on the top. When all the stars are visible to the naked eye, Cepheus can be interpreted as looking like a king with a crown. Cepheus also borders Cygnus which is aligned with the Stone Circle used at the opening ceremony of Glastonbury (refer to our overview to see more on Cygnus and Draco). Draco is very significant as it is symbolic of the dragon or serpent in Christianity and in many ancient myths and legends. We also use the Greek phrase "Draconian Law" for any harsh or severe law like those being imposed by the elite in the name of terrorism. To Ancient Egypt, Draco was a representation of Tawaret. She was the demon wife of Apep, the original God of evil (Satan). This has absolutely no significance or connection with the song "With or Without You" so we can only guess that this was another symbolic gesture. When this song finished, Bono gets two flags from the crowd and lays an English and an Irish flag on an amp on either side of the stage. It looks like the amps are supposed to symbolise coffins of military deaths. Just as he does this, he starts singing the chorus of "Love will tear us apart" by Joy Division. Could he mean the relations between England and Ireland will tear the people apart again?
Look At The Stars
Nearing the end of their set, U2 did some kind of strange and symbolic tribute to Coldplay who were due to headline the Pyramid Stage on Saturday. Bono asked the stage manager to "turn out the lights". He then asks the crowd to take out all their lighters and phones and wave them in the air. This made the crowd look like the night sky.
Then Bono starts to sing the Coldplay song "Yellow", the opening line of which is "look at the stars, look how they shine for you". Then all of a sudden, there is a strange laser light show in the sky which gives the same appearance as the crowd. We think this could have been to symbolise "As above, so below" but if nothing else it was keeping in the set's space theme. Bono then looks sombrely at the crowd and says "There's our little planet, spinning around the sun, some of us doing our best to hold on" ...We will leave this open for analysis as we aren't sure what he was trying to imply! We just feel that there was a reason for planning such a strange display.
Moment Of Surrender
U2 then went on to play their song "Moment of Surrender", a line of which is "I've been in every black hole, At the alter of the Dark Star". Interestingly, the Dark Star is another name for the theorised 9th giant undiscovered planet in our solar system that is also known as Planet X, The Destroyer, Nemesis, Wormwood and most famously Nibiru. Why would Bono be writing a song about worshiping Nibiru or any planet when he portrays himself as a Christian?
Out Of Control
U2 closed their set by performing one of their earlier songs "Out of Control". Before the song starts, Bono tells his fans "Thank you for what you've given us...we're out of control though...it happens...it happened...we're out of control!" What was he referring to? Their lifestyle? their ego? who knows! It was a cryptic way to end a cryptic show that was full of Occult messages and symbology.
After the show, Jo Whiley and Zane Lowe interviewed the band. Bono is already drinking a can of something when Jo Whiley says "Here, we have some offerings for you" and passes over some small cups of whiskey. Bono jumps up and takes it straight away and none of the other band members touch it. This could either be Jo acting like they are Gods by giving them "offerings" or because Bono had allowed himself to be taken over during the show which some people proclaim to be the case when artists perform. Jo was appropriately dressed in a pink t-shirt with a diamond encrusted skull on the front much like the Damien Hirst design which featured in their show.
Glastonbury 2011 (The Occult Review)
Written by: Zoe Joanne Hudson & Brent Lee Regan
Copyright: Unassimilated 2011
Thanks for the info Mister MacfoleY



The Real thing and funny too is that If You DON'T read this you don't get the so called wrong message. However if you're true to yourself you'll find that there's nothing wrong in U2's music...pimp.gif

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Non of these acient symbols is/are evil. It is oviously the paranoia of the religeous right. They suggest a female deity is evil, now we know how they feel about women. The Eye Of Horus is actually derived from the female Eye of Wadjet. The west was considered heaven because the sun set there. The coffin would face west when someone was burried because it helped their spirit into the west, for rebirth when it rose again. Sun worship is not evil. Jesus is the "son" of God. What appeared in the night sky when Jesus was born ? A Star. What is the sun ? A star.

PS - ..and Earth worship is not evil either.

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