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NASA UARS Satellite Crashes in Canada, Justin Bieber Hit!

monica martino

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Did UARS crash in Canada?

Where is UARS? Did the NASA UARS satellite crash in Canada as reported? Was Justin Bieber hit by UARS? Really, Justin Bieber? These are just of the the latest updates and tweets as the dead NASA satellite makes re-entry and crashes to Earth. There are reports that UARS landed in Canada although this is still unconfirmed as of this writing. But this has not stopped non-Bieber fans from wishing that the dead satellite hit Justin Bieber, as a joke of course.


@DeathStarPR: NASA’s #UARS satellite debris is down, most likely landed in Canada, still hope it landed on Justin Bieber.


Meanwhile, NASA quickly tweeted that the satellite is the property of the country that built it, meaning it belongs to the United States. Followed by a demand that whoever finds UARS debris should give it back to the US or NASA. This prompted a Twitter user from Canada to post this:


@polarisdotca: Dear US: we’re holding #UARS hostage. Please give us back Celine Dion. Er, no wait. We’ll just keep the satellite,okay?


Another funny tweet was this:


A little over a hour since #UARS crashed in Africa and Angelina Jolie is already filing papers to adopt it.


Many more are sure to follow. As for me, I’m disappointed it landed in Canada. The Kardashians are in California!




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