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Q'S Achtung Cover CD? [MERGED]

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mich40 wrote:

Just heard the first song....Nine Inch Nails cover of Zoo Station....


4 out of 5 for me. Don't expect a heavy industrial cover ala NIN style because that would be too predictable! Instead it is dark, rather mellow and sounds like an outtake from the Zooropa sessions with Brain Eno behind Trent!


It does drag on a little,as this cover just stays in one spot emotionally for me, but it is an "alright" cover.


I'll post more thoughts with each song.....

It was much more mellow than I expected, but I do like it a lot.


On youtube? Off to find it now. smile.gif
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Of all the covers I've heard, so far.....

Jack White - I cannot get enough of his Love is Blindness. Superb!

Gavin Friday - fecking brilliant!.....dark and haunting as only Gavin can be, a stellar version of The Fly. My God, I LOVE it!!!!!This is where U2 needs to go! Please see Gavin for future sound development. Yes, please!!


The rest I'm only just easy on....Depeche Mode, The Fray, Nine Inch Nails....I don't think they'll stick for me.

Haven't heard the rest yet.

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5 out of 5 for me this one.....

this reminds me alot of magnificent, or the magnificent remix's,,,,mixed in with madonna, very 80's too. part of me thinks it is a cover, an electro cover, but also a remix, so im on the fence here, either way its brilliant! a rather enjoyable cover. if only it didnt have bono singing and Jacque Lu Cont (watch the spelling there! wink.gif) it could have been extra special....but still....
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