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On twitter:


"El asesinato de Kadafi es una perversa muestra de un sistema imperial ya derrotado en las ideas que se niega a ver la verdad"


Kadafi's murder is a perverse sample of an imperial system already defeated in the ideas which denies to see the truth.

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On twitter:


"Asesinaron a Kadafi y lo mostrarán como un triunfo del sistema occidental y cristiano? "El capitalismo no es humanista ni cristiano": Perón"


They murdered Kadafi, and they will show it like a triumph of the western and christian system? "Capitalism is not humanistic or christian": Peron


(Peron was an Argentinian leader and President who died in 1974)

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On twitter:


"Si Kadafi fue asesinado,

Si ganaron los "rebeldes"...

ganó la OTAN

NO llegó la LIBERTAD a Libia, entró la OTAN: Estados Unidos, Francia, etc. "las potencias" comienzan a "resolver" su crisis...

llegaron los intereses imperiales.

Urge la condena contra este atentado a la soberanía libia, no se puede legitimar con el silencio.

Peor aún, ahora van por Venezuela, por Bolivia, etc"


If Kadafi was murdered, if "rebels" won...NATO won.

Freedom hasn´t reach Libia, NATO entered, USA, France, etc. "the powers" start to "solve" their crisis....

Imperialistic interests arrived.

It urges the sentence against this attack to Libian's Sovereignty, It is not possible to legitimize with silence.

Even worse, now they will go for Venezuela, Bolivia, etc.

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On twitter:


"Los medios titulan "Mataron al DICTADOR Kadafi" pero nunca dicen "El Dictador Obama""


The media titles "They killed dictator Kadafi" but media never say "Dictator Obama"


"Nunca va a dejar de sorprenderme como les gusta festejar ASESINATOS, porque no son otra cosa que eso, ASESINATOS "


I'll never stop getting surprised how people like to celebrate MURDERS, because they are not different things from that, MURDERS.


"Mataron a Kadafi, el mundo está más tranquilo...¿Ah, no?"


Kadafi was murdered, the world is a safer place....is it? ah, no?


"DICEN que DETUVIERON a KADAFI. Y ahora? Inventarán otro para atrapar en 2 años."


THEY SAY KADAFI WAS CAUGHT. And now? They will invent another guy to catch 2 years from now.


"Hillary Clinton, secretaria de Estado estadounidense " Queremos a Kadafi vivo o Muerto":"


Hillary Clinton, US secretary of State: "We want Kadafi dead or alive"


"Los civilizados pacificadores atrapan a Gadafi vivo. Video http://bit.ly/qiZUiJ"


The civilized peace makers catch Gadafi alive. Video http://bit.ly/qiZUiJ


"Khadafi no murió "en público", sino mientras era trasladado. Las ambulancias de la OTAN no son muy confiables,"


Khadafi didn´t die "in public", he did while he was moved. NATO ambulances are not very reliable.


"La OTAN atacó el convoy de Gadafi, los rebeldes se lo llevaron y ‘apareció′ con un disparo en la cabeza http://j.mp/ov0xGw"


NATO attacked Gadafi's convoy, rebels took him and he "appeared" with a shot in his head.


"Claaaaaaaaaro resulta que al tipo lo busca media Otan , más los rebeldes pero le dispara el chavo del ocho"


Of courrrrsseee The guy is being search from half NATO and rebels, but he is shot from "el chavo del ocho" ("el chavo del ocho" a mexican character from TV show for childreen, he plays a naif kid)


"Odio a Gadafi porque CNN dijo que él era malo"


I hate Gadafi because CNN told he was a bad guy.


"Obama por favor no hace falta que nos des lecciones de derechos humanos cuando tienes la lección viva de Guantanamo ... ! "


Obama, please, is not necessary that you give us human rights lessons when you have the lesson alive in Guantanamo....!


"Che al final la Otan no invadió Yemen donde hay manifestaciones contra el actual tirano gobernante no?.. ups, no.. era de ellos el títere"


Hey, at the end NATO didn´t invade Yemen where there are protests against the current tirany goberner, did they?...oops, no...the puppet was theirs"


"Murió Kadaffi a manos de rebeldes sedientos de petróleo..."


Kadaffi died in hand of rebels thirsty of oil.

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On twitter:


"El próximo país a invadir y destruir es Irán, están viendo como se escribe el nombre del dictador en románico para ponerlo en CNN."


Next country to be invaded and destroyed is Iran, they are trying to figure out how to write the dictator's name in romance language to put it on CNN.


"Él " mundo libre"festeja la muerte..los seres humanos festejamos la vida y la justicia"


The "free world" celebrates death...we human beings celebrate life and justice.


"En los países en serio como EEUU, se fusila a los opositores, como fusilaron a Kadafi, terminando con la falta de diálogo. "


In the true countries like US, opositors are shot like they shot Kadafi, ending with the lack of conversations.

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On twitter:


"Occidente festeja injerencia extranjera en #Libia pero qué le espera a los libios cuando les quiten todo su petróleo, el gas y las aguas?"


The west celebrates foreign interference in Libia but what can the Libian people wait when they steel all their oil, gas and water?


"Comunicado de la OTAN: Avisaremos a quienes asesinaremos en nombre de la libertad !VAMOS POR UN NUEVO NOBEL DE LA PAZ!"


NATO release: We'll let know who we will kill in the name of freedom! Let´s go for another PEACE NOBEL PRIZE! (and a pic of a baby dead because of this conflict)

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Gaddafi Dead - Another 'Notch' on The Oil Companies Belt!


By Ian Brockwell




News that Muammar Gaddafi has been killed will no doubt raise a few cheers around the world, but is his death a cause for celebration or concern?


To answer that question we need to ask why the rebellion began in Libya in the first place. The 'official' explanation is that the people of Libya suddenly decided that it was time for a change of leadership, even though Gaddafi had been in power for 42 years. But what or who encouraged the people to fight back at this particular moment in time?



There can be no doubt that the west played a key role in the demise of Gaddafi and supplied Libyan rebels with weapons, military experts and finance. We also saw how active NATO was in this battle, who were initially given permission to enforce a 'no fly zone' to 'protect' the civilian population. However, more recent airstrikes clearly showed that their involvement went much further than that and the 'victory' would not have been achieved without this help.


In a previous article (Libya - Here we go again!) I wrote "Why has it taken so long for countries like the United States, Britain and France to become angry enough to do something about it?" And of course the answer was "Oil". For a number of years Gaddafi had an agreement with the west to supply oil and although he demanded an increased percentage many years ago, the profit margins were still acceptable to western companies.


These terms were clearly being negotiated quite recently, hence the many visits to Libya by leading politicians (including Tony Blair), in an attempt to 'sweeten' the former leader into agreeing to favourable terms. The release of the "Lockerbie Bomber" was just part of the deal, which caused an uproar in the US and Britain.



Obviously, something about the new terms was unacceptable to the oil companies (or maybe Gaddafi simply said no) and this prompted a new course of action. Exactly the same thing happened in Iraq and the result was the same.


You can be fairly sure a new leader has already been selected for Libya, a person that will have the blessing of the west, but more importantly has agreed to an oil deal that is more profitable to the west (at least 49% of the profits).


Had Gaddafi been taken alive, he would almost certainly have been tried for some crime and sentenced to death (just like Saddam Hussein). But what of the man himself? It seems he started out with fairly reasonable ideals (so did Hitler), but as often happens, wealth and power made him become more extreme.


Gaddafi was a dictator and by all accounts bordering on insanity, but was he really so different to some of the people who hold the power (and wealth) in the west? Some western leaders may appear 'normal' on the outside, unlike Gaddafi, but they are just as willing to kill to get what they want and have done so many times.


As I mentioned in my previous article, the west were fully aware of what was going on in Libya, but chose not to take action because this would endanger the deal they had with Gaddafi for the oil. In fact, the CIA used to help Gaddafi in supplying information about his people, which often led to their execution. Terrorist suspects were also taken to Libya for interrogation, to avoid the human rights laws in their own countries (US mainly).


Did Gaddafi deserve to die, perhaps, but before you reach for the champagne we should try to understand who the good and the bad guys are. Both Gaddafi and the west have a considerable amount of blood on their hands and at the end of the day the only real difference between them is the image they portray to the public.


The other problem with accepting these 'forced' revolutions is where does it end? Should the western "Elite" be allowed to invade countries that have something they want, just like a school bully? Will this 'force' be used on its own people if they step out of line?


You may not feel too sorry about the departure of Gaddafi, but it is worth giving some thought to the reasons and people behind it, and wonder whether our own leaders are any better.


Ian Brockwell writes straight talking, honest stories that engage readers. Contact Ian through NewsBlaze.

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Congratulations NATO!!! You did it again!!!


Another leader killed without a trial, without no proof of his crimes!


Why a trial? You did it with Hussein, you found no proof at all but you killed him.

And nothing happened.


The humanity is so blind, you realized you don´t need to make trials, you just can kill who ever you want and world goes on.


Of course Hillary said "If his death is true...." ( see the picture and the article above ) ..."the war is no over".


Of course, war must go on, of course....

You know what i agree with you here....Gaddaffi may have supplied the weapon to the I.R.A that killed my brother but he should have stood trial. i agree that him standing trial would have been devastating for America Britain etc.....was not too long ago he was shaking hands with Americans and Brits and now he has been murdered before he could be tried.....it's common knowledge that the "rebels" were trained by the S.A.S and they had help from outside sources.


bono once said "WE MUST NOT BECOME A MONSTER IN ORDER TO DEFEAT A MONSTER" too late Bono mate the world has created these monsters....the west created these monsters and the monsters have bitten back and now monsters need to be created to defeat monsters.....what was the difference between Gaddaffi and the people that dragged him through the streets and then put a bullet in his head?????,,,,,,,,,,nothing absoloutly nothing,.

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