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Oh My! My son is a Red Bull Night Rider! Surfing


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Woah...he got a call from Red Bull the other day but I didnt understand what was going on...He has been chosen out of all the best aerial surfers in the world (he is a King, seriously he holds the title King, at aerial surfing) to compete in a the Red Bull Night Riders event and the place is pretty shark infested...They will be towed by jet skies and they each have 8 minutes to pull of the best aerials they can at night next to the Pier up in spooky St. Augustine area..there are so many sharks there! I dont know, the last night event I watched was down at our place in Costa Rica, I was screaming when I saw the red eyes all around my son (the crocodiles were all in the lineup that night). Night surfing is so radical! There are only 6 surfers total. This is gonna be some radical surfing! He surfs the Slater Invitational this weekend, the Quiksilver next weekend then the night event! YIKES!!!!

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