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Sky Down + Achtung Baby 20 Easter Eggs


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So none found yet?


Can I just add here that if they were going to recycle stuff, why didn't they add the Interference stuff (or have I not found it yet)? Love that stuff and the Easter Egg on the Sydney dvd is so freakin' hard to get to.

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[quote name='MacFoley wrote:

TheSunAndTheMoon']Sorry I haven't received mine yet. But I was wondering: I've been hearing comments about certain scenes missing from the DVD of FROM THE SKY DOWN. Anyone know if this is true? I haven't even seen the film on VOD/BBC yet so I wouldn't be able to tell for myself anyways.

- Bono and Edge listening to the early Mysterious Ways / Sick Puppy demo, with Edge laughing and Bono commenting that "it's not alright" ... not on the DVD

I think this was in the DVD... have to watch again later today.

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