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The Zoo is Dead? I challenge you!

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same old same old...........


the zoo died after the vertigo tour really, since then, its like meh!


only come out when they say i have tickets.......or questions about AB reisssue.......


even the live threads had more zootops in there once in a while.


no one really wants to talk about u2 anymore as they are pretty boring these days i guess to other fans.


THE ZOO IS DEAD! RIP..........

spot on Mac. wink.gif
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I haven't been here lately because of problems and such. However I'm glad there are still people here and I wouldn't say it's completely dead. There is still life here and I am very thankful that the faithful have stayed on for so long and take the time of post here. It would be greatly disappointing if when I signed on there were no posts and nothing to read. That would be too sad. frown.gif


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