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Photo Contest Fan Calendar-Might or Might Not Happen


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Hello Zootops


I had a dream that we could take the winners of the fan photo contest and make them into a fan calendar for everyone to have access to-for free.


It might or might not be able to happen, depending on time and the do-ability of creating it in the first place.


However, behind the scenes, myself and some truly beautiful Zootopians are working on trying to figure out how to make it happen.


At this point, there are no guarantees, so because of that, I have posted as prizes, items from various charitable causes that U2 is involved with: The Global Fund and Ammesty International.


I wanted to give back whilst creating a bit of fun on this board.


So, please hang in there, and maybe we can make this happen.


But if not, at least know that worthy causes were supportedsmile.gif


Thank you

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