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you wanna see what my house looks like??


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oh Jeez... Have just had planning permission granted for an extension too...is it as bad as it seems....

How long will all this take to be completed ?

My neighbours objected so I downloaded Bob The Builder theme tune...my kids were in stitches...YES WE CAN !!!

luckily no problems with neighbours here, guess it helps when they plan on doing reconstructions themselves in near futurewink.gif love you using the bob the builder-song!
and yes it is as bad as it seems!! but i keep telling myself: will be worth it in the end-will be worth it in the end- will be.... (like a mantra grin.gif) and if you talking really completed i guess few more years.... if you mean the important stuff like bathroom, kitchen, livingroom i hope it will be finished by summer.


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Looks like it'll be really nice when it's done! And I love that pic of the old bottles and shoes you found... you never know what you'll dig up! :P Also love that photo of the neighbors' dog... too cute.

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Very nice, but when we getting the bedroom pics you keep promissing us all? LOL clap.gif

if you think i'm gonna put my 'special dungeon' on display here, you can all forget bout that!!grin.gif  btw: that was just something zhiv made up to make me look badwink.gif

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the boys bedroom:

couch will be back in place again, don worry zhiv ;-)

lena's room:
forgive her the posters, sh'll grow out of it. its just a moment, this time will pass wink.gif
(btw: sheets are replaced by clean ones)


big window out:ramendeuren009.jpg


from the outside:

(wooden beam in front of windows and door will need to stay some more days)

also, no more peaking into bathroom:
window's gone!

and from inside:

as you can see, still lots of work to do on outside and inside. but starting to look like the house of our dreams.
thats all, for now. hope i didnt bore you.
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