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My new blog discussing my love for the U2 of old


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Hey guys,


Just wanted to share my new blog about how brilliant U2'smusic was between the years of 1980 and 2000. I am a particular fan of War, TheJoshua Tree and Achtung Baby, and here I discuss how I wish people wouldn't beso quick to judge U2 on their output over the last ten years and would take thetime to become more acquainted with their amazing back catalogue. This isn't anattack on U2 as I am a huge fan, I just want to bring the brilliance of theirolder music to a new generation.

Would love it if, as real U2 fans, you could check it out:


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What has passed is gone forever.


Your blog has left me feeling you have simply fallen out of love with the band or even more simply grown apart from them.

The only 360 shows I was able to attend were in Paris on Leg 1, and I thought the shows were awesome.


I think No Line is great, but agree with you that 'Boots' is a terror. The middle of the album (from Boots on) sags a bit for me.

Side B of War is a bit of a sag bag. J.Tree has a flop or two early on side B.

Achtung baby is great all the way through.


So for me there is still consistency as far as about half or more of their songs really connect with me all through their career, and it's because of those songs (most recently No Line...Unknown Caller and Cedars of L.) why I'm still interested in them.

(B.T.W.,Other than Achtung, my favorite whole album is Unforgettable Fire, and BIG props to Boy).


Conversely I'm not interested in Industrial music anymore (in general), and I'm no longer listening to a bunch of bands that at some points I was into. Admittedly mostly because they broke up, but also because they went somewhere musically that lost my attention, or their music seems to be stuck in a moment (for want of a better expression).


The Glasto Gig looks great on video....so It's odd to hear the band in Q being all deflated about it. I guess the audience was about 3 kilometers away from the stage, so I can imagine standing out in a paddock in the rain mustn't have been much of a thrill. The rain gave the show a very nice retro Blade-runner shimmer I.M.O.


I can't wait for a new album and a new direction, but just hope that direction dosen't follow the recent obsession with 'Get on Your Boots'  I keep reading about.



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