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Winners in the fan photo competition


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For the winners of each category of the fan photo competition, I'd like to post a little blurb about who you are and the experience you had at the U2 360 Tour-in particular, provide information about your winning photograph.

Tell me anything you would like to share about your winning photo, such as type of camera used, friends you were with, what song was being played when you took it, etc.

Then please send me your blurb to my private inbox.

I want to share your story on the board in the winners thread.

Thank you.smile.gif

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My Bono picture was taken at the impromptu fan meet & greet held outside ANZ Stadium in Sydney on 14th December 2010, after he had recorded an interview with Oprah at the Sydney Opera House. There were many zootopians there that day, too many to list (for fear of leaving someone out !)


Forever immortalised by U2.com in the video that was on the homepage, but here on youtube:




I took the photo with my Canon 550D SLR, a 50mm prime lens at 6:27pm.


For the technically minded I used f9.0, ISO 400 using aperture priority giving a 1/160 second exposure.

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I am Cheryl - a long time U2 fan. Was lucky enough to see U2 7 times on the 360 tour in Ireland, England and Europe. And was one of the lucky few who helped to make up the Zootop front rail at Glastonbury. Over the 3 summers met some amazing friends in GA queues and various bars. I took the photo of Adam at the Paris show. A sleepless weekend consisting of a drive to Paris, getting lost in Paris, too much wine in Paris, a nap on a pavement in Paris, a GA queue from hell in Paris, An amazing show in Paris, a squashed croissant in Paris, a lost hotel just outside of Paris, Sleeping in the car on a service area, drive back to the UK and so happy to see a bed on the Sunday night! I was with Dizzy and Bevfrance from the Zoo and another friend Helen. Met AGT, Lumacy, Exist and Marievan too in the queues. And was given the squashed croissants by the lovely Barbara at around midnight after the show. My camera is the Panasonic Lumix TZ - the camera of Zootops.





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That picture of Dallas's was taken from the first show in Montreal. That was my first ever live show of U2, fourteen years of being a fan and first time seeing them in the flesh. Plus bonus that I was front rail with my boyfriend and a fellow fan from France that we had meet in the Ga line who was such a nice guy saved us a place. The boyfriend agreed to carry his backpack and our new ga friend would run and save a place or me save a place vise a versa. Being a newbie I decided to run across the Adams side thinking it was faster but it was not :((( the security was not letting me go thru they held me up long enough that when I got thru most of the front rail was taken. So walked to the other side and there were the guys wondering where I had gone!? So I made a deal with the Boyfriend you get front rail for Interpol and I get front rail for U2 LOL. Camera used was a Fuji fine pix underwater (not recommended for low light concert pics) which was good since there was a torrential downpour at the end of the concert. When the techs came on I was so exited and had to take pictures and this pictures was the nicest of the bunch, and Dallas's is so cool too.

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We went into the gig around PM and were amazed by the claw. We were excited as we had just been married that day and to finish it off seeing U2 playing on their home turf was magical especially as my husband had never been out of the UK before.

No songs were playing when the photo was taken as the gig hadn't started yet; it was taken on an Olympus camera by a stranger who was obviously part of the U2 'family'.


I remember being overwhelmed during 'walk on' as it made me think of my gran for some reason and made me cry. My husband was also over the moon that 'bad' was played as it is his favourite song.


All in all, I will remember it forever as one of the best days of my life.

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Hi, I’m mich40, or as many have gotten to know me this year, Michelle.  I have been a U2 fan since I saw the Gloria video, somewhere in 1982-83.  The 360 Tour became my “dream out loud†tour.  It was the tour that I met many of my fellow Zootops and was the most I have ever seen the boys on one tour.  It started at the BBC rooftop gig in London in 2009, complete with Edge’s autograph.  Later that year it included Toronto, Raleigh (and meeting Bono), and Atlanta (complete with my first djembe encounter).  In 2011, I saw them in Denver, Nashville, Chicago, and Philadelphia and it felt like the summer I never wanted to end.


My photo was taken in Nashville on July 2nd, 2011, aka as the hottest show on the tour.  It was the only show this year that I didn't’t do GA, and for very good reason. I went with my husband, my best friend, and my 9 year old Bono-lovin’ daughter.  It was her very first show and a show that I will never forget for that one reason.  To share the experience and see it through her eyes was amazing.


The picture was taken with my beloved Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7.  I’m pretty sure it was taken during “City of Blinding Lights†and I feel it completely captures the beauty of the Claw, something you didn't't get to see from the GA.

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