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U2Marathon Playlists now on Spotify


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The WBWC U2 Marathon only happens once a year, but now you can listen to U2 playlists 24/7 on Spotify!  

For those U2 fans who are Spotify users (US, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway, Spain) I’ve created multiple U2 playlists based on our annual WBWC U2 Marathons and I’ve posted them for U2 fans to subscribe to on Spotify.  

The playlists include: 
Original versions of songs by artists that U2 have covered 
Songs with U2 members doing guest appearances with other artists 
Band Member selections for the ‘ZooRadio’ channel on Radio Virgin from @ 5 years ago
All the Bands/Songs played over the PA during the 360 preshow
And all (well atleast 398 that I could find!) songs that Bono has ‘snippeted’ in concert.

I then grouped the Snippets into various categories – by Tour, and by Theme (such as Punk, Classic Rock etc).  There are some limitations in Spotify due to artists/songs that aren’t licensed for the service - so for example I had to use ‘cover versions’ of Beatle songs versus the actual original tracks.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy listening to these playlists as much as I enjoyed researching and assembling them.  So if you’ve ever wondered what’s on Bono’s iPod, these playlists might give you some insight into the band’s musical tastes.  Most DJs I know really get into a ‘name that tune’ challenge – and no cheating allowed using these new fangled song identification iPhone apps!  The number and variety of snippets that Bono dropped into the 360 set was truly amazing.  I need to say thanks to the folks at u2tours.com and u2gigs.com for all the reference material they posted to their websites documenting the snippets performed, which helped me assemble these playlists and also helped me to win a few bets (as in, I told you that was an Edith Piaf song...) 

If you’re so inclined, I invite you to subscribe to my Spotify playlists.
From the command line in Spotify, search on -   spotify:user:125970346
If you’re not currently using Spotify, you can read more about it and sign up at www.spotify.com  

Questions/feedback?  Drop me a note here, or via Twitter at Marython88
Marython, WBWC

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