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Name something good which happened to you lately!!


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mrnorth released 3 of their 5 volumes of demos and rarities under the collection title of Wonderful Days (named after their demo). Guitarist Emmett O'Malley did the cover photography. In total that will be 50 songs not on albums. WOW. And that's still not everything they've done.


Bono knows the lead singer Colin Smith, same homeland. Golden voice, upstanding gentleman.


Good stuff, saw them live in 2003 in a hotel ballroom in Waikiki. FANTASTIC. BEST 'Unforgettable Fire' cover EVER. Emmett made his guitar sound like a bass cello.


Only 2 other bands I'm aware of with such a prolific collection of demos- James and Libertines.


mrnorth, best cure for the common cold

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I have a chance to finally see James live on the west coast in April, Vancouver to San Diego!

Bought tix for each of the club dates, 5 are VIP so I can meet the band and watch them soundcheck...plus early entry for the front rail :o]


And they allow cameras!


They are playing at Coachella 2 nights but I'm not seeing them there. They announced a 9th date for April 12 in Los Angeles- El Rey Theatre. Don't know if I want to go to LA...yet.


Very much looking forward to another mini-tour. Probably my last tour for awhile, and last trip anywhere.


Oh yeah, mrnorth release Pt 4 of Wonderful Days too! (only one more part to go) *hoots and hollers*

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