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Is U22 the best thing U2.COM have ever released?


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[quote name='MacFoley wrote:

realgonekid wrote:

MacFoley']Zootv and slane are the best so far for me...


  Yeah but Zootv and Slane were just from one concert which I already had on dvd so I never felt the need to get those but U22 is tracks taken from multiple 360 shows that have never been heard before.

Zootv and Slane are some of the rarest u2 items that go for alot of money on ebay also. Plus Slane came with a t-shirt also, so this for me was a better gift all round than u22.

You can download most of the 360 shows anyhow to listen to, ok bootleg quality, but still can listen to them. And with most of the songs people have voted for, looking at it being mostly a greatest hits collection of live tracks, how are these songs THAT rare and unheard of.

The idea is the BEST idea u2.com has come out with so far, but i dont think it is the "best" gift yet.

Even as nikki said, medium rare and remastered is pretty damn fine too.
WHAT!!!!!!!!! I SAW SLANE AT TUNES(a record and CD store) FOR 4 BUCKS I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT THE DAMN THING!!!!!!!!!! any ways there was also the limited edition deluxe U2 18 singles Milan DVD that was only available to subscribers i think and i bought that for about 8 gbp. which is around 15 USD on ebay.
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