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Ten Songs. That's it.

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Good questionglasses.gif

(1) Woman Fish.

(2) Vertigo.

(3) Out of Control.

(4) Beautiful Day.

(5) Electrical Storm. Mercy

(6) Until the End of the World.

(7) Elvis Presley & America. The Fly.

(8) Breathe. Electrical Storm

(9) Do you feel loved North Star

(10) Mercy. Love Comes Tumbling.Wake Up Dead Man

....too hard to answer but that list has to be my 10 can't live without tunessmokin.gif
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I don't know if i can do it.... but let's see.....

1. Stuck in a moment
2. Beautiful day
3. Electrical storm
4. Kite
5. Streets
6. All I want is you
7. Vertigo
8. Magnificent
9. Stay

OK wow, 10 is NOT enough!!!frown.giffrown.gif
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Angel Of Harlem

Walk On

Even Better Than The Real Thing

Pride (In The Name Of Love)

Until The End Of The World

Where The Streets Have No Name

I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight

I Will Follow



No particular order there. Yeah, that was tough! :)

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ha ha ha ha ha

this thread is killing me!  
I keep re thinking my list of 10, and revising it in my head....

and I stick with my original statement....  10 IS NOT ENOUGH!!  lol
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