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SOPA/PIPA Internet Protest now in effect


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Thousands of websites are now rallied against SOPA and PIPA. Websites widely used. Especially google and wikipedia.


While I wish they had literally gone offline for 24 hours to show a future world with censorship I guess blacking out their name will do. Imagine though, if google went down and you had to manually type in a website address. That in itself is a dying art. Started dying the day Lycos starting making it easy to just type a name in a search box.








You seeing this Paul McGuinness?

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thanks for the information sigma....


this is a very huge deal.


the lack of posts is interesting....I hope people will check this out.


perhaps people arent aware of this issue.


but it has the potential to shut down this website, or at the very least, this community.

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If you think this is scary, have I got something to show you.





SOPA/PIPA is just a screen for this to be implemented.


And this:





It's been on FOX News and NBC but hardly anyone paid attention.

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I'm all for the creator of intellectual property getting their fair share, but this seems like an out and out censorship under the guise of a worthy thing, protecting the artist. We Americans continually let our government take our rights. Wake up, people!!

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