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Did they forgot Greece??


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Well, I'm a young fun of U2. I'm 16 years old and I live in Greece. I don't like doing bad comments about U2, and generally about anyone, andI'm trying to believe that they're trying to include Greece in their tours but they can't. But did they forgot Greece? The only time they came toGreece was in 1997 which was in Thesaloniki(second capital of Greece). Some people asked me about our venues. The OAKA ( also know as Olympic Stadium, becauseof the 2004 Olympics which were held there) has seats for 40.000 people, a very big playing field and it surely can support their stage. I think that's ok.But can anyone tell me why not Greece? There're lots of funs here, the most are going abroad to watch their tours, but what can two 16 year old schoolmatesdo to accomplish their dream?? They did their best, their parents did also their best but it could not be achieved. When U2 bandmates were 16, and they formedthe band, didn't they have any dream?? But as I said I don't want to blame them, and I don't want to blame anyone... So, can anybody answer me, whynot Greece?

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