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[[Stop]] ACTA


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All you folks in Europe. You have less than 2 days before Poland signs it in Tokyo. January 26th is your deadline. It is too late for America to vote against it here, Obama signed it October 11th. But YOU can stop it from going any further.


Kill this thing before they can push the next step. All you need to know is here. Get educated and be vigilant.




It's prophetic, Poland trusted the NazIs and was taken over. Now Poland is about to trust again, what will lead to another kind of Nazism.

It must be taken seriously for it to be seriously taken. Do nothing and you have done something. Catch 22.

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Here's the problem with the term copyright. It's being used to cover trademark, license and creator of the work. Trademark is a business name. License is an agreement a company makes with the creator to feature/promote their work. ONLY the creator has control of copyright. In a song it is the one who wrote the lyrics, the one who played the instrument and the one who sang. ie Bono, Edge, Adam, Larry Jr all have copyright claim because as a foursome they created their body of work. This does NOT cover, producer, marketer, CEO, boardmember of a recording company. In publishing, the writer of the book is the creator of the work. In art, the painter/the illustrator, NOT the museum or curator. Movies, same thing. If it came from a book, the book writer holds the copyright. See how ridiculous their logic is?


Copyright in the US has beeen abused and needs to be curbed. It's just as bad in Europe/Asia. And it's just an excuse for far more sinister plans.


My recommended films for viewing this week on video:


Blade Runner



Minority Report


to start

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Noooo, those movies don't show a possible future scenario. You could also watch Farenheit 451 and 1984. I am ONLY suggesting movies that have dire futures.


I stopped going to the movies by the way.


Was it hollywood that gave politicians these ideas of control? Or was it people that made these films using it to warn us about complacency?


But let's stay on topic. Do your part Europe, take some responsibility for your future.

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