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google to spy on you effective march 1st


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I haven't used Google for ages because of privacy concerns. Not that anything on the internet is private. I've used Bing since the day it first arrived. I don't use Google Chrome or plus either.
I think the government knows everything there is to know about me...I'm starting to just go along to get along...like so many have posted on the Internet have been saying, "if they must spy on me, they will be bored to death" on my phone conversations regarding whats for lunch or dinner, and my various bf and health issues....I'm sure this is just fascinating stuff....


What truly is scary is how they are treating American citizens at the airport...

If a total stranger came up to me on the street and took their hands and ran them over the front of both of my breasts, I could call the police and they would be arrested and charged with sexual assault.

the very thought of having a stranger then take their hands and run them up my leg and touch my vagina is so unbearable...I cannot do it...

and Ive seen plenty of youtube videos of passengers being terrorized by the tsa to refuse to fly ever again....

seriously, they are removing colostomy bags and stripping down old ladies and crotch grabbing old men?

I've seen the proof-its all over youtube-taken by other passengers who were witnesses...

on the street if you decide to grope my vagina, I will start screaming and call 911....

i just want to get on an airplane, and now I have to authorize strangers to sexually assault me in order to do so?

what has happened to America??

this is not ok with me.

but then again, if this is what they have to do, in their defense, there has not been another 911, has there?

so to keep us safe for now, we have to be on lock down.

if they must spy on our web browser searches and what sies we are going to...they must be so very afraid....

i could never be the president...god bless him...

i would probably have a heart attack on the very first day...

I just cannot even imagine how stressful it is to actually be the leader of the free world...

people who criticize couldnt do it either....he needs our prayers and support...

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You see Xtra, that's the thing. You complain about it, but there are plenty of folks who just say 'ah, whatever...I just want to catch the plane'.


People are outraged at the treatment your country gives you at airports, but fail to see the relation or offense to the same thing being done to you on-line.


It's not terrorism they want to stop; it's democratic revolution. I think Egypt and Libya has scared the Security agencies that protect Big Business Interests, who buy your 'Government', shirtless (for want of a stronger expression).


The clampdown is on. 'Security' and 'Copyright' are just useful issues that can be used to get things done.



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Razpazz, you are SO correct. TSA is a violation of the Bill of Rights. And because 9/11 was created out of hatred, they tricked America (including myself) into swallowing the Patriot Act. I went one further, I actively campaigned with a congressional candidate to convince others it was a good thing. We were all SO blind with hatred on that day that no one could think straight. But years have passed and we can all see things in a clearer light. 9/11 was not the work of Muslims (yeah I'm Catholic and I'm telling it straight) but corporations and individuals that obey NO laws, NO constitutions, actively encourage wars and profit from them, all the while trying to rationalize it as acceptable. And the majority fall for it.


The constitution is dying one day at a time folks. Better watch Ron Paul's "What If" speech and take it to HEART. Because it's all true. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


If you want films and books like 1984, Animal Farm, Farenheit 451, Blade Runner, Minority Report, Equilibrium, the Siege to become reality, then do nothing.


C'mon U2 fans you can do better. Remember Bono's speech during 360? "Keep asking questions". It wasn't a suggestion.

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well no one wants to touch this....apparently the word vagina is scary, lol!


no one want to talk about sexual assault apparently....


war and politics is so much easier it seems...


but thats what happened to me by a gloved security guard...


i felt so violated and sick...


a total stranger...forcing me to do this...to widen my stance so they could run their hands this way...


no, I dont just take that lightly razz...


perhaps you cant grasp what the heck is the big deal...


perhaps only a woman would understand?


dont know....




feels so sad and depressed about this whole thing...

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As a bit of a jet setter I understand Xtra, I'm just saying it's part of the same issue as the Internet stuff where you stated you were happy to just 'go along to get along'.


Some of us feel as violated as you do at the thought of having Big Brother monitor our movements, even though we don't do anything wrong. It's the principle that matters. I'm not on Face book because they share information, my wife had to manually disable a GPS tracker that she was never asked if she wanted enabled in her smart phone.


These things are merely annoying, but are precursors to something more sinister.


Does this ring any bells?


'Your alarm bells, your alarm bells, they should be ringing.

This is the gloaming.'



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spicy, I don't know what you tried to link to but google's been actively altering parts of their maps, you could say censoring or hiding things in recent time. It is very troubling. ACTA's going to give carte blanche to an authority outside of any countrie's laws.


Oh yeah, NDAA allows indefinite detention and other things. It's already being used in the USA. Only news I watch now is RT via the web.

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