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It's Election Day


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Yeah, it's Election Day here in Florida. Seriously, I feel sorry for the other states, cuz we have been HAMMERED by Mitt Romney, I could have built a house out of the cardboard stock mailers I have received. My mailbox has been stuffed every day! It's been complete insanity, I can never remember this much money being dumped by one candidate in a primary except this shitty Governor I have that bought the election (Florida's gov is a billionaire). so I guess Mitt took his lead and I am just horrified at how much money has been spent. The first person that said they donated to this cause or that cause instead of the negative ads (every single commercial is either political or a car commercial) probably would have got my vote. As it stands, I gotta go vote and I can honestly say: I never looked at one of those ads in my mailbox, I hung up when the phone rang every two minutes from survey's and robo calls, and I seriously tried to not pay attention to the commercials. If the rest of the states gotta go what we have been through I FEEL SORRY FOR YA! It's a b*tch of an election. I'm sure Romney will win Florida, but I am not voting for him....I'm going rebel, Newt!

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