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Rumors from Hanover Quay


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"A few months ago  the tour U2 360 ° ended, instruments and sound equipment returned to Hanover Quay in Dublin.

Yesterday, a follower of this site, we noted that the movement started again for Hanover Quay studios, although the group was not there.

Basically people were working getting study material and filling a truck. Now the rumors start.. Do you go elsewhere to continue recording the new album? Is it a simple change? Is it to a hypothetical action of The Edge?"

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U2 can't working on a new album just yet. Bono has gone off for a holiday....






Posted: February 24, 2012

By: m2 / @mattmcgee

While fans have spotted U2's gear being moved out of the Hanover Quay studios, and other fans say that the band has been at Hanover in recent days, one thing's for sure: Bono is currently on vacation in Peru with the Hewson clan. One article says that he's planning to visit Machu Picchu on Sunday.


You can see some photos of his airport arrival here and here, and there's also this photo below from @iceclaudy on Twitter.

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