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New Competition Idea: Zootop original music--Feedback Please


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Over the years, several talented musicians have posted their music on these boards.

I was thinking of hosting an Original Music Competition on this site.

No U2 music allowed, only original music by fresh, new, artists, seeking some exposure on this site.

Then the U2.com community would cast votes for winners.

The prize would just be the exposure of it all.

*Looking for ideas to flesh this thing out some more....

Maybe even just have a showcase thread and not a competition.

What do you think?

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well, a compy gets more hits, and I wanted to give people a lot of exposure.


when I did the zootopia's got talent thread, it died-remember?


people pay more attention to a contest and get much more into it....


so im torn on how to tweak this so that we hold peoples interest.....ideas, anyone?

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