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Kony 2012


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I'm not sure about the whole thing, a friend of mine went over the top and like ordered action plans, etc..which was when I went WHAT ARE YOU DOING? How is the money being spent, etc..it just seemed odd to me. It's not that I don't care, I do, but it's another knee jerk reaction and it seems like that is how everything is approached these days and I don't like using children like he did, I know it's his fathers passion but showing those photos to little kids to scare them or make them sad for profit I just don't approve as a mother of that...He's making his kid have nightmares about other children understandably to save children...Didn't we have people that just took out evil people without dropping bombs and trading one mayhem for another? It's so unfair what children of the world have to put up with just to survive, it's insane.

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