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U2 Votes needed at weather.com


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I am sure you saw this subject title and though "What?!!"  The reason for the post is that weather.com is having a tournament of weather related songs, much like the NCAA Basketball bracket.   There are 4 regions - Sun, Seasons, Elements and Rain.   Songs compete, like - Walking on Sunshine vs House of the Rising Sun and voters select their favorite.

U2 has two positions in the bracket.  In the Elements region, U2's Beautiful Day goes head to head with Over the Rainbow.  If they get past the first round, they are up against songs like "Blowin' in the Wind", "Rock you like a Hurricane" and "Ice Ice Baby"

U2 has a second song in the Seasons region with Indian Summer Sky.  Will take some big upsets to overcome CSN "Summer Breeze" "Summer in the City" and "In the Summertime"

Check it out and vote early and often. 
U2's Beautiful Day is NOT doing well against Garland's Somewhere Over the Rainbow. 

Seasons voting - Indian Summer Sky - opens up tomorrow. 
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