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What You Got..........?


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I happened to be going through my U2 stuff yesterday and I realised Im lucky to have some good (collectable) stuff that I have gathered, Bought or been given over the years, some of the 'cool' things though I would say are (In no paticular order)  :

* Achtung Baby Super Delux Signed by Bono (twice -with hand drawn sketch) and Adam, Edge

* Zoo-Ecu (x 2) Signed By Bono and Edge

* Achtung Baby Trabant Signed By Bono (Twice) Adam, Edge & Paul McGuinness

* A Sketch & Autograph done for me by Bono

* Joshua Tree Box signed by Bono, Edge & Paul McGuinness

* Unforgettable Fire Box Signed By Bono, Edge & Adam

* Far Away So Close Book signed by B.P Fallon (author) and It also mentions my Brother in the book.

* Various Laminate & Cloth Passes from past tours (from my Brother)

* An original Colm Henry signed/numbered & framed photograph of U2 in Gardiner St

* Peter and the Wolf Special edition - Signed By Gavin Friday & Bono (with another sketch)

(And other bit's...But that's enough from me..roll.gif)


So...What you got !!!


As mentioned in my Profile I had (and Lost) a brilliant U2 Unforgettable Fire Tour Jacket, But, Thats another story embarassed.gif


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This was my first one acquired. Sadly wasn't there to actually get it, but as I said in another thread, I have a friend that worked with Emmylou Harris's daughter and she took it to get it signed for me when he was working on Emmylou's "Wrecking Ball" album. It was done as a surprise and I didn't actually know about it until it was mailed to me. Very happy about this one because it was actually signed to me. Hopefully one day, I will get to thank Larry for it.







I got Edge's at the BBC rooftop gig in 2009.



And Bono's at the Raleigh show in October 2009.



I hope one day that I will be able to find Adam, so I will have all of them. That would make me very happy. And actually meeting Larry....

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it doesn't have to be a signed item to be honest' what do you have that is the 'ONE' thing you keep going back to and thinking (wow this is cool) - from the simplest thing to the most obscure !!!

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