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Going to Panama


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My niece, my brothers daughter, just made the Costa Rican National Surfing Team and will be competing in the ISA  World surfing games (overseen by the Olympic committee) down in Panama for the World Champion. My son surfed for the USA and won a silver and a bronze medal for the United States, now his cousin is surfing for Costa Rica and Lord willing she will bring home a medal to Costa Rica. She is already a champion swimmer, wasn't sure she was gonna surf but on her last trip up, I took her surfing and told her it was her destiny, that everyone in our family surfs and she must. Today she blew me away by making the team, I've been coaching her by facebook of all things :) She is absolutely beautiful to begin with, when she surfs I smile. The song Mercy reminds me of her: Just cuz all coaching has been through the computers, we didnt even have computers when I was a kid. Anyhow, I am going to put Mercy on her playlist to listen to before she surf in Panama in two weeks at the World Games.

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