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Rattle and Hum Audio & Video, Likes and dislikes???


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Watching From The Sky Down yet again today and the thumbs down they give it, I can help but wonder how much extra footage they have and what a difference it would make for a new version.


The songs really carry the movie, but on the whole some of the Dylan tracks are a bit of a bore TBH.


What do people like and dislike about Rattle & Hum? Audio & Visual side?


Audio wise I love GOD Part II, Moonhawk 269, Angle of Harlem & All I Want Is You, the first and second mentioned have become 2 of my favourite U2 tracks.


Video wise I think Streets is amazingly shot, also I really like the performance of Sunday Bloody Sunday and Bad.


On the whole the movies got 60% of the good stuff and 40% bog roll, be nice to see a recut with all the extra stuff they have.

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The Film.....


I always see Rattle and Hum as a film all the time. It was meant to be a documentary about The Joshua Tree tour but it turns to a lesson about American roots and American artists. Something which made U2 seem arrogant to place themselves amongst such artists. The cowboy hats and Americana looks added to the way they started to sound sometimes was a little too much at times. Although the film does contain some powerful performances.


Larry crying in the kitchen over Elvis is really cheesy. And the Bb king stuff in the film I find pretty boring.


Exit, silver and gold, bad, streets, with or without you, bullet the blue sky, Sunday bloody Sunday and amazing performances.


As for the album....


I look at it as a soundtrack album with some new Americana songs. Personally I think the album would have worked better if the tracks were....



Van diemens land


Angel of Harlem

When love comes to town

Love rescue me


God part 2

All I want is you

A room at the heartbreak hotel

Hallelujah here she comes


All studio tracks. Take out the film songs. The album does contain my favorite U2 song though. Heartland. And for my wedding my wife walked down the aisle to all I want is you. It was also the first U2 album I owned on tape. I think love rescue me is a sloppy weak song too.


If there was no rattle and hum all round it wouldnt be a bad thing eh?


But I think the impact of fame after the joshua tree really sent U2 crazy and all American and we got to see and hear and i think as a fan, it's not their best era. Nor is it their worst.

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