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Anyone in the USA can you help?


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Hi I'm after a copy of the new Starbucks CD Every Mother Counts 2 featuring Bono & Edge doing Original of The Species - don't want to be cheeky but could someone buy me one as they don't ship to the UK.

I can pay you for the CD and shipping with paypal, hope someone can help....please PM me....thanks very muchhappy.gif
got it! all 2 copies that were left...one for me and one for you josh...my paypal is already set up so this should be easy.


btw, original of the species is my favorite u2 song, so it was a natural for me to pick the last one up for myself.


it was a beautiful day!!

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[quote name='xtraspicy62 wrote:

xtraspicy62']josh-I need you email address to make a request for payment from paypal as soon as possible

Ok, I sent you an email request today....




Thanks very much Spicysmile.gif

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I mailed it today, via registered mail with a return receipt so I can see that you got it....


Just sign the receipt and they will mail the receipt back to me.


They told me it could take 10 days to 2 weeks!


it said by air...so what exactly would be the hold?


its just across the pond for petes sake!

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