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My old swimsuit photographer who ended up shooting pics for my husbands band years back was at the U2 show with us in Orlando back during the War tour and he has a TON OF PHOTOS from that night that nobody has seen., I have a few of my own, but when I saw him last Saturday night, hadnt seen him in years we were talking about all the photos he has of the band and everyone from that show, he was there because all the swimsuit models were there in the top balcony and we were dancing our asses off so he happened to get a bunch of shots of the band. Like he said, nobody has ever seen them and he was INCREDIBLE photographer. I suppose one day he will release them but it just came up in conversations cuz there were 5 or 6 of the original models that were gathered on Saturday, a few of them went on to become top models and we kept going on and on about how U2, that little Irish band made it. It was kinda cool.

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