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Also at The Little Museum........


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During his speech on the opening of The Little Museum U2 photo exhibition Paul McGuinness was telling a story about the day U2 were given the freedom of Dublin City, They were each presented with a unique award during the ceremony of a specially commissioned Joshua Tree made by Waterford Crystal, All four band members and manager Paul McGuinness were given this as part of the celebrations and it was decided presenting them with something like a Waterford Crystal Joshua Tree would be a nice surprise - Indeed it was and they were delighted with their 'Once off' design, However as the night went on and they Partied away to celebrate being made freemen of their home City one by one those amazing and extremely rare (1 of 5) Crystal Joshua Tree's got broken with only '1' surviving (Paul's) so now 1 of 5 is 1 of 1.

Paul has donated it to The Little Museum Dublin and you can now go along to the exhibition and see the sole surviving Tree, Well worth a look too, just get there before Bono & Co or they might just finish the job off roll.gif
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[quote name='gary-paul wrote:

joshthetree']Nice story thanks for sharing it. Freedom of the city that's when they took some lambs grazing in Dublin =0)

lol.. Yeah, they did, next morning - In Stephens Green (Leeson St end)I use it as my avatar in another forum, added it here now happy.gif

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