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Posted: May 17, 2012

By: Matt McGee / @mattmcgee

We've known for several months what songs are on U22, the upcoming U2.com members-only CD, but only today has the final song order been posted on U2.com. Here are the 22 tracks as they're spread over two CDs:

Disc One


1. Even Better Than The Real Thing

2. The Fly

3. Mysterious Ways

4. Magnificent

5. Until The End Of The World

6. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

7. Stay (Faraway, So Close!)

8. One Tree Hill

9. Beautiful Day

10. Elevation

11. Bad


Disc Two


12. All I Want Is You/Love Rescue Me

13. The Unforgettable Fire

14. Zooropa

15. City Of Blinding Lights

16. Mlk/Walk On

17. One

18. Where The Streets Have No Name

19. Ultra Violet (Light My Way)

20. With Or Without You

21. Moment Of Surrender

22. Out Of Control

With only a couple exceptions, the song order actually comes pretty close to resembling a U2 360 concert. As we reported yesterday, U22 should begin shipping by the end of May.

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The strange thing is atU2.com posted  a link to U2.com for the the running order of the tracks. That link works, but the running order can only be consulted through that link. Here on U2.com I can't consult that information directly, or I must be overlooking something.

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With that said, I wonder if each track has fade ins/outs, like the 4 downloadable tracks. If that's the case, then you can reorder them anyway you want on a playlist. With Unknown Caller being released, all the other tracks that didn't make it to U22 will eventually be released. Then you can scramble the setlist even more.

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[quote name='MacFoley wrote:

Grande 3:16']I'd rather HMTMKMKM than Ultraviolet, but otherwise an awesome setlist. :-)

Did you vote for Hold Me?!?!?!

I voted both Ultraviolet and Hold Me!!!! pimp.gif
Yep. Ultraviolet's a great song, but I just found it a bit downbeat for an encore. Would have been better as the last song of the first set.


Same reason I didn't like it when they dropped Zoo Station and The Fly for Wild Horses and The First Time on the Vertigo tour. Again good songs, but not really energetic enough for an encore.

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The thing that pisses me off more than anything is that 40 never made the list and should have at least been a bonus track. If U2.com gives that one as a free download, I just might download in my pants. And then at that point, I just might take U2.com off my shitlist.


I believe what Jake99 basically said a while back..."The set list was planned all along...people voting for it was all just a big waste of time and hoax"...something like that.


I mean think about it...if Live Nation wants all walks of U2 fans to come on board with a free gift, do you think casual fans will buy the popular most played stuff or the rare stuff? Going with a show set list was the safest option for their pockets. Think about it...why hasn't U2.com shown us proof of the data? Where is the final survey? It's never been posted and probably never will be. I call conspiracy here!

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